Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Work, photos and AFL

What a wonderful day to be back at work after a great six days off in total and finding you have to sort out other peoples problems as they are unable to sort it out themselves while you are away for a few days. I am not saying I am the ideal worker but I would never leave a problem for somebody else to sort out without telling them first and I even had to get my hands dirty to resolve it.

This past Christmas I got Mrs Stu a new camera, a proper one at last with the option to change the lenses and the like. The last camera was pretty good but this one for image quality knocks the socks off the old one and it is better on so many levels and so quick as well with continuous taking. We had a great few pictures of The Terror jumping in the air with his tongue hanging out. Most of the pics I have been posting are with the new one as it pics up so much detail and when we process them onto film as we like a hard copy to look at rather than the screen in case anything ever happens to them at home or the computer dies, the colours are so much more vibrant.

Now being married to an Australian, I decided to follow/barrack a team in the Aussie AFL, a few years back and being the sweet gullible person that I am I opted for the Richmond Tigers, the same as my wife and for the pass few seasons and I have been following them and to put it nicely they are utter crap, but once I pick a team I stick with them through thick and thin and I am not use to supporting a losing team I am used to success by following Manchester United in the English Premiership, I think she sold me a duff team!


  1. "I opted for the Richmond Tigers" Bwahhahaha!

    At least you have Ben COusins!!!

    My boss follows the Tigers - I always look forward to Mondays - there is always a horror story in the offing

  2. I know what it is like to pick up the pieces after being off for 6 days. Good luck with that.

  3. Lerm - Nothing from the first three games is not great, they could be fooling everybody into a false sense of security but then I would be a fool for believing that!

    Kimmiekat - the work comes easy it's the home life that is harder.

  4. "I think she sold me a duff team!" it is pretty safe to take the "think" out of that sentance.

    Mind you if you got a decent coach you might be in with a shot at winning a few games in a couple of years time.

  5. That's why I don't take long vacations. One of two things would happen-the place would fall apart or, worse, everyone else would figure out I'm not necessary.

    "once I pick a team I stick with them through thick and thin"

    Spoken like someone who's not followed the Cubs for year after year, decade after decade, without the joy of a championship. Follow them and I guarantee you in five years you'll be done with them.

  6. I'm picking up here on the camera gift to the Mrs. A couple of xmas' ago I too gave my wife a kick ass camera. A Nikon D40. It makes even dud photo takers, such as myself, Ansel Adams. She has loved me long time since. Good move stu, you will never regret it.

    Too uninformed to remark on British sports, but I admire your loyalty to the team.

  7. Naut - So a matter of weeks is out of the equation then!

    YD - Sometimes it's good at work when you don't let anybody in on certain types of software and only teach them the basics, so you become a little less indispensable than others.

    I will still follow them down the line, I'm a glutton for punishment.

    jadedj - That is the same camera I got this year, although it has aged a bit it is just great for the first time photographer starting out. trying to get a go of it is near impossible as she won't share it!

  8. Didn't Man U. bomb this year as well?

  9. DD - um, not as of this morning. Still on for five trinkets.

    The Tiges haven't been a decent side in my lifetime. You might have picked the lot with the same uni but the red stripe, at least Essendon have won stuff in the recent history of the universe. Though the thing with AFL - a bit like American gridiron - is because there's a salary cap and a player draft system which favours teams who finished nowhere the previous year (ie they get the top picks of the new talent) AFL teams can go from being absolutely pants to being pretty decent within a couple of years - Carlton were horrible for a bunch of years in succession but are now contenders, for instance. Though Richmond and Melbourne have been crap for a looooong time, probably endemic club management problems there.

  10. Mr Stu, that was my life with Bossman, my sympathies.
    Ah my beloved and 3/4 performance Tiges, also my sympathies.

  11. DD - how dare you! Man U never bomb they are thw World Club Champions I will tell there :-)

    Dr Yobbo - I think I made a bit of a clanger maybe it was a love thing at the time why I decided to follow her team, it's a bit like Manchester City over here you don't know why you follow because they always just do!

    bangarrr - The Tigers will come good in a few years it's a ploy to get the best young talent now and then beat everybody in the future, well that's what I believe and I'm sticking with it.....for now!

  12. Understand completely re Citeh, I'm a Souths supporter in the NRL, we haven't won anything other than the meat tray in the club raffle since 1971.

  13. You should gone interstate and picked the Sydney Swans. Ahhh well, we can't all barack for the good teams.

  14. Dr Yobbo - I seem to have joined the loin supporters fan club then as well, but I still have one team that is a success.

    Polly - I picked my team so I will stick with them through thick and thin