Friday, 24 April 2009

The Reign of The Terror!

Just a little funny story from another chapter in The Terror's reign of fear and fun. (AKA 2 year old boy).

Yesterday he was playing in the garden and wanted his Bob the Builder cycle crash hat on, that is a lot like a fireman's helmet and he was using Little G's skipping rope as a hose pipe to put out fires, so I decided to go and do something constructive and get the dirty clothes together for washing.

I heard The Terror, come in downstairs and he was running from the kitchen to the lounge room shouting "FIRE", need to put it out, so thinking he was playing I asked him if it was still burning as he ran back to the garden "YES" he called back and then he returned to the lounge room once more, by which time I was down stairs with the dirty clothes and The Terror coming out of the lounge room looking all smug with himself saying "PUT FIRE OUT NOW" fearing the worse i walked into the lounge room to see the sofa and the floor covered in sand! He had been using his sand pit outside to fill his bucket and then run inside to pour over his pretend fire! You just had to laugh at him at the time due to the mess he left. Lets just say his sand pit is covered today and he is banned from it for two days!


  1. That's hilarious. Firefighter in the making perhaps.

  2. That's awesome. Could have been worse, if the garden hose had reached into the lounge. Sounds like something out of a house-and-contents insurance ad on TV.

  3. Hilarious is right, hope it wasn't too painful cleaning it all up!

  4. Laughing at that one myself, Stu!

    Good luck getting all that sand out-hope that floor isn't carpeted!

  5. Lou - Now you mention it most of his toys are fire engines!

    Dr. Yobbo - It does actually one of those funny horror moments you see that happens to other people.

    Polly - A brush and the hoover no problem

    YD - Luckily we had boards down in the room, no carpets as the kids make to much mess on it.

  6. Yikes, he sounds like a bundle of energy and imagination!