Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mission done and bad cat!

The mission Mrs Stu had tasked was an easy one this time nothing to serious just to get in and get the job done and be out again, whatever the outcome I knew it was going to be wrong anyway however it turned out. The Terror and myself got to the appointed location but unfortunately there were ten others ahead of us and we knew we were in for a long wait. One by one the men and boys ahead of us went to their fate with some success and some failures, there were some failures  but there were mostly nods of success to the two men standing carrying out the deeds. After a hour of waiting and trying to keep The Terror, entertained it was finally his turn to go and when the task was finally done I returned home to the words that I knew were coming whatever the outcome "They cut his hair to short I'll take him next time!" My reaction...Mission Successful!

That lousy cat caused me pain again last night, he comes and goes on his own now (No Doanli, the cat flap is still not fitted!) up until a certain time and then he stays in for the night. Well at his appointed time of being in he decided to break curfew and stay out. Mrs Stu and Little G were out in the garden calling his name and he still wouldn't come and the clock ticked around and my evening chilled back watching the footie was spoilt by the announcement that I had to go and have a walk and see if he was about. Hmm great I thought, so with no luck I returned home and finally went to bed just after 12 locking the doors as the fear of leaving them open may mean everybodies cats come in during the night. I hit the pillow and was out only to be constantly woken by Mrs Stu saying she thinks she can hear a bell can I go and check. Eventually at four I got sick of this, got dressed and went downstairs to watch some tv and open the back door. Ten minutes later the cat wanders in wanting something to eat and now all of today all he has done is sleep on The Terror's bed all day.....bad, bad cat!


  1. Awwww, he had a rough evening, Human. He's still a growing boy too! :)

    I (heart) Toby! ;)

  2. They look so innocent when they're sleeping.

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  4. I removed my first comment as I sounded like a hater. I don't hate cats I just have a changed attitude to them after anaphylactic experiences with Rory. The last one was only 4 months ago and he's nearly 16 years old now. He got in a friends parents car not knowing they'd transported their cat to the vet a few days previously and his throat closed before they were 2 kilometres down the road - incredibly scary shit!

  5. This is a cat’s purpose in life – to keep its owners on their toes. He will expect gratitude too.

  6. Stu, do what I used to do. When our cat would keep me up all night and want to sleep in the daytime, I'd endeavor to wake it up just as it nodded off. You won't let me sleep, I won't let you sleep. Fair trade.

  7. We usually feed Kitty Smalls at about 5-6pm at night, and not allow her out after that. They AWLAYS come inside for food! Following her meal, she knows that it's inside time and takes herself upstairs for a little post-food nap on the bed.

  8. Ah, you are learning, do a bad job and you won't be asked again. I wonder if that applies to work as well?

    Anyway, just caught up on your last few posts. You are indeed turning into a grumpy old man, Mr Stu. Despite being a teacher and listening to that racket all day, I like hearing children playing outside - at least they are not stuck in watching TV. I even leave my side gate open for the boys next door to collect their ball as it flies over our fence for the twelfth time!

    PS Might see you at Dunham this weekend, if I knew what you looked like - will be looking for a chimpanzee!

  9. doanli - I'll tell Toby he has a fan!

    BK - sometimes he is, it's when he goes to sleep on your head at night that's the problem

    LOu - Wow that is bad so is he allergic to just cats or any animal with fur?

    Simon - That is all to true, he likes to thik he reigns the house.

    YD - That is something for me to do today, payback is sweet.

    kimmy - that is the pattern we usually follow but this time he decided to be boisterous and do something different.

    Working Mum - My work is always done well that is something I take pride in, if I start a job it is done well.

    It depends on the area and the kids I suppose here I live the parents do not care about the kids and they are left unsupervised all day to run riot. It is ok to let them out as long as they respect other peoples property.

    We have done one easter egg hunt at Styal and now we plan another not sure where to go yet maybe a bit further afield to a property we have not been to yet.

  10. We have three cats, so they concentrate on annoying one another in the wee hours. Our gain.

  11. jadeddj - our cat likes to sleep between us to stop anything happening in the night.....I hate that cat

    snowangel - he has a dark side as well!

  12. Aha. Given that, methinks that cat needs to die.