Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Sunday out with pictures

Sunday was a quiet day spent relaxing and visiting a National Trust House close to us, well about 45 minutes away that is. The place was called Old Rufford Hall, and was actually quite nice. The picture below shows two stages of build, the black and white bit dates from 1540 and the brick bit is relatively new and dates from 1652!

The back view of the house showing the gardens.

The kids enjoying the walk at the back of the gardens.

The back view of the house

Some more of the gardens

The entrance to the gardens

The courtyard out back

After we had finished at the house we walked along the canal to where we saw all the house oats parked up

The inside of the house was great with some really great things on show set out with all the original furniture from the house and display cases showing old guns and swords with their history. Unfortunately no photography is allowed in the house due to flash damaging the old things and obviously so people will go and see them instead of just looking on the Internet


  1. It looks beautiful - I wish it were my house!

  2. Amazing! The history is your country blows my mind, what a gorgeous place to have just down the road.

  3. Fantastic stuff! Around here 1850 is considered old. Over there that's new construction in some parts.

    Like the walk and gardens around the manor. For some reason the theme from 'Blackadder the Second' popped into my head when viewing the pics.

  4. Wow. This is strange. The wife and I watched a Smithsonian program just last night about Tudor Houses in England. Then I come over to your blog, and you visited one yesterday. Very envious! Enjoyed the photos. Could use more of the same. Nice post.

  5. Lerm - Don't we all and with the staff to look after and pamper us as well so we could enjoy it better.

    Lou - I have never been there before and it was great to see and explore, hoping to go to others over the Easter holidays as well.

    YD - 1850 is new here with lots of buildings still up especially in our city centres, and it's good to see them still standing when they pull down all the concrete monsters they built around them during the sixties.

    jadedj - When I get the photos I will blog them. I went to get around more this year and see more of the old stuff as it is just great to walk around something that has been there for hundreds of years and relive the experience of it all.

  6. Nice looking house, thanks for the tour Mr Stu.

  7. Took daughter to Rufford Old Hall a while ago and walked down the canal, but we didn't do the house. Daughter tends to rush through at breakneck speed unless there's a bunny hunt or something similar!

    Note to self: must make most of NT membership before daughter turns five this month .....

  8. bangarrr - no probs mate

    working mum - we are doing the same using the NT card instead of it just being stuck in the draw this year. We have a few Easter Egg hunts to do this weekend, not sure where though yet, probably Dunham Massey.