Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Currently experiencing a great thunderstorm out side tonight, virtually no rain coming down but the clouds are crashing together and making some great sounds as I am sat here typing away, the lightening flashes are not as good as night time as it's only 5.20pm at the moment.

Work has been unbearable at the moment, there is no air conditioning where we are most of our country is still in the stone age. We work under Victorian, (Not Australian Victorian, as they are more advanced than us here), rules still where I work in my department. It has been 30C and very humid and it is not very nice, as most of the day is stood up. How people from hot climates most of the year cope I have no idea, we have a run of three days and people start to suffer. I called up our uniform stores to ask about wearing shorts and the reply that came back was, "We don't issue shorts as Health and Safety have not approved them yet!!!!!!!!". How utterly bollocks can you be about something, so we have to suffer in trousers for the time being.

yay, holiday time is getting very close now 37 days away for me, 21 for everybody else, still not sure where we are going to get to while we are over in Oz, but Brisbane has cropped up again. We did it last year for a few days and basically just explored the city and went out to Tangalooma, to see the dolphins. Might go down the Great Ocean Road, but that just might be a bit cold in August. Did it in October & that was quite nice. Oh well time and money will tell I suppose