Saturday, 4 April 2009

Just a question

We are currently finding money very hard to come by over here and our Government have once again decided to put up the cost of the taxation that we pay per litre on fuel by another 2p and it is now standing at a mind boggling (I like the word 'boggling' at the moment) 94p per litre which works out for those who visit in your own currency, Australia $1.95 a litre, and US $6.32 a gallon. Now I am not up to date with other countries current fuel costs so a little survey just how much are you paying at the pump right now for your fuel, are we the highest?


  1. I know that it's expensive in Europe too. The Netherlands is really expensive for peterol.

  2. NZ$1.59 a litre here right now for 91 octane (converts to about $1.30 Australian). At its height here we were paying just under NZ$2.00 a litre. I understand that about 60 cents of the price per litre is tax.

  3. NFI - company cars FTW!

    But the excise tax component is 38 Au cents per litre.

    The GST is 10% too.

  4. $1.83/gallon average here in SC, USA, will have to get back to you on the % that is tax (probably around 30-40%)

  5. Generally about A$1.08 Wednesday to A$1.30 on the weekend. Melbourne, Australia. If you want fuel prices to come down servos have to start advertising the price "plus tax", that will not happen here as there are not enough independent stations

  6. I live on the border between Illinois and Iowa. On the Illinois side, gas is about $2.09/gallon, and on the Iowa side, it's around $1.99/gallon. I'd guess, like Doanli, that taxes are around 30-40% of the price per gallon.

    Looks like they're taxing gas there like they tax tobacco and alcohol here.

    You all have decent alternatives to driving though, don't you?-such as intercity rail and good intracity mass transit.

  7. kimmy - i have heard they have the dearest in Europe.

    Louise - The taxation is the biggest earner for the government

    Lerm - Company cars still work out cheaper than owning one though

    Doanli - Your fuel costs three times less than ours....why????

    bangarrr - I can never understand why your government allows the companies to put up prices at the weekend higher than in the week and then put them down again. People just fill up in the week to stop this price hike!

    YD - Three times cheaper than our fuel though YD, how I would love to pay them prices. They always pick the easy things to tax and those that will bring in the most income.

    As for the mass transit we only have it in certain areas. Mrs Stu drives 20 work and that takes 30 minutes but if she caught public transport then it would take well over two hours!

  8. I thought the 2p rise was an April Fool's Joke, but no, more of the government hitting those who don't have a choice, but to pay. (Like Mrs Stu, it would take me 2hours to get to work on the bus instead of 30 mins by car - I'm not getting up at 4am to get to work!!)

    Not only will it cost us more to fill up, the increase will be passed on to us by companies who have increased fuel costs, so everything will cost more, again. And I haven't even benefited from lower mortgage rates because I'm on a fixed rate!!

    Gordon, are you aware of what you are doing to us?

  9. We're at 84 cents per litre. Last year it got up to $1.49! I seriously couldn't afford to drive my truck.

  10. Company cars work out free! That is why they are For The Win

  11. Just a minor correction: US gallons aren’t the same as UK gallons; that should be $5.32.

    The last figures I have for Norway (a bit out of date, I’m afraid) show they paid £1.43/litre last summer. This presumably reflects the cost of transporting the purified (not crude) petroleum, along with their tax policy.

    There isn’t really much point in picking out the tax on one item. In some states of the US they have no income tax, for example, but instead on goods purchased. Some countries put high taxes on tobacco, or alcohol, or petrol: in the US they notoriously have a very low rate on petrol. But they still have to fund a massive military budget of trillions of dollars thanks to fighting two wars in the Middle East. They have only the barest provision for the sick (no universal healthcare) and are not as generous as European countries when it comes to benefit payments. It all balances out in the end.

    In short, people (not surprisingly) complain when tax in one area is high, but never complain when it’s lower than other countries in other areas, or if the benefits are greater.

  12. working mum - it was no joke and i bet in the next budget it goes up yet again to try and bail us out of this huge black hole of a mess we are in.

    bk - same here that is why i had to walk to work a lot more, to save on the fuel last year.

    lerm - I need a change of jobs!

    simon - thanks for correcting me on that score, I never realised a US gallon was different, I thought it was a universal measurement the world over. So do pilots have to compensate when filling up in the states to allow for this I wonder!

    The thing about tax no matter how much or how less people pay they will always complain!