Sunday, 19 April 2009

If you go down to the woods today....

It was a pretty good day here yesterday with blue skies and the temperatures reaching a mind blowing 13C (kimmy it wil reach 18C this week), so it was time to head down to the woods for some great exploring and climbing. Mrs Stu could not come as she was catching up on school work before starting back at work after the holidays, so I had to be a responsible adult for once and not do anything to daring, so I just took the camera for something to do.

The kids are eager to go off and explore the woods.

It is a ver ypopula place to come and the park rangers have done a great job trying to combat the eroson caused by all the people who visit the area and enjoy it's beauty.

It's better to go off the beaten track as that's where all the good trees are to climb, Little g managed this today climbing across it but as i said be a responsible adult for the day only, I had to just watch, life is not fair at  times!

This place dates back thousands of years and as the sign says it was a warning point where a large bonfire would of been lit as a signal to warn that the Spanish Armarda was on it's way to try  and invade us.

Looking out across a vantage point in the woods showing the green of the grass now that Spring is upon us and the Cheshire countryside in the distance.

How better to finish off the day than this......

....and after all that there were no bears!


  1. Cool day, lovely spring weather and beautiful countryside. Your kids are lucky they've got such an involved dad who wants to do things like this with them.

  2. It's better than being stuck indoors any day, inside this body is an eight year old who just wants to get out and enjoy himself after being stuck doing serious stuff all week!

  3. It was beautiful yesterday, wasn't it. We didn't go down to the edge though, we started sorting our neglected garden. Looking at your pictures reminds me of my childhood and Ashurst Beacon (near Wigan). The thought of people lighting the beacon to warn of the Armada was sooooooo exciting!

  4. Looks like a fun place to wander around!

  5. that’s what is great about the UK can't walk a kilometre without tripping over something historically significant and interesting to find.

  6. Barnes - and there's no dropbears!
    That seemed like a fine afternoon but the ice-cream should have had some sort of chocolate on top.

  7. WHAT?! 18 fecking degrees?!!! Excuse my language, but it was 21 degrees in Sydney today and it's Autumn! I will have to keep a careful eye on the weather forecasts for the north of England before I start packing!

    Oh, and great pics Stu, thanks for posting :)

  8. It looks great, Mr Stu can't promise that sort of weather for the visit I'm afraid.

  9. Workingmum - we did our garden Sunday, well actually i never Mrs Stu did while I watched the footie.

    Barnesm - even the old people are opened up as a tourist attraction at the weekends!

    Therbs - They don't sell choc dipped ices like they do in Australia it is a national disgrace!

    kimmy - The cars temperature gauge recorded 19 today and everybody is now in shorts and t-shirts except the old who all walk around in big coats still.

    bangarrr - doesn't matter what the weather is like it's what you do that matters.