Saturday, 11 April 2009

Splashing in puddles with pics

As it was glorious sunny day here yesterday (actually I lie it rained all day) we decided to go on an Easter egg hunt being held locally at a place called Quarry Bank Mill. Now this building dates from 1790 so it is weathering a bit well. In fact it is in better condition than most new homes built these days and as it was only a ten minute drive away what better place to go to.

The front of the cotton mill, excuse the picture quality as they were taken from my mobile as we couldn't have the other camera out due to the rain.

The rear view of the mill as you can see quite impressive, the people used to have to work 12 hour shifts six days a week including the children. I have no photos of the inside as taking pictures is not allowed and I respect there as it is something you have to see for yourself and not to rely on the internet to get that feeling of what it is like.

The mill keepers cottage viewed from the gardens where the workers were not allowed to go. These have only just reopened after years being hidden by the undergrowth.

Anther view of the mill from the back.

A view from the mill high up in the gardens.

The stream flowing through the gardens that powered the wheel that turned the machinery in the mill itself

Some of the gardens that have been renovated they still of a lot to do to make the gardens what it was in the past, but they have done a fantastic job.

Doing what all little boys should do on a miserable rainy day, splash in puddles!


  1. excellent pics!!! nice post!

  2. Even on a rainy day, this is what makes England a really cool place if you know where to go.

  3. sowangel - thank you :-)

    kimmywoo - If your spending a lot of time in the UK you need to invest in a National Trust card depending on where you are going it will save you lots. Not sure how long you are in the UK for?

    DD - It's great getting out to the nice bits and it was great to see all the kids out having fun although I must admit we were the only ones jumping in the puddles though!

  4. Ah, Quarry Bank Mill, a rainy day staple for us. Unfortunately daughter now knows her favourite bits and races through the mill to get to them!

    I bet you go to Lyme Park, Tatton and Speke as well, don't you?

  5. Hi Mr Stu - thankyou for visiting my blog. I love these pictures and the Mill sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

  6. I love these photos, the building and the grounds. Not too sure the people who worked there felt the same way, however.

    BTW, that phone camera takes great photos.

  7. The mill reminds me of a lot of places in New England, here in the States. Most of those are sad reminders of what we used to be, an industrial powerhouse. The footbridge and millkeeper's house have the old country charm, though.

    Great pics! The National Trust should have such shots in their promos.

  8. WorkingMum - I have not been here in a couple of years inside and it was just great to explore again. Yes, we go to all of those places I just love the history and the kids love to explore.

    Polly - Not a problem, it's good to meet new people on here.

    jadedj - 12 hour shifts a day and the kids had to do school afterwards, not something I would of enjoyed and it was noisy and dangerous as well.

    YD - They don't have any pics just a few tasters as they want people to go and visit and see it for themselves.

    BK - You need to add it to your Greece trip.

  9. I love his little red wellies, so adorable!