Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday happenings

Today is my fifth day of in a row and I am slowly starting to relax, if that's possible with two young kids around. It is the most time of since last August and then it was just the two days at Christmas, so to have an extra couple of days to spend it with the family is great as I am not back at work until Wednesday. I have just not had the holidays to take as I used them to go to Australia last year for a month and that wiped me out and the other days I have are used for kids emergencies!

Easter has come and gone and the kids now have a huge pile of eggs for them to eat, which under our routine of eating nice things will last them a long time as we like to see them eat more of the good stuff than junk, although the only food The Terror wants to eat is a cheese sandwich. I thought this Easter, the first time in 39 years I was not going to get an egg at all as Mrs Stu was not able to find me one when she went the day before Easter Sunday trying to get me one! At least my mum bought me one :-)

Yesterday was spent out and about again so I am not going to bore you with lots more pics and I will only post two of where we went.

We travelled once again to a place we had never been to called Gawthorpe Hall .
It took less than a hour and we travelled though some beautiful green countryside to get there  up and down the hills, one hill was especially great as it was full of wind turbines and although static they just look great, some people say they spoil the view but I think they add to it especially when they are turning in the wind.

This is another modern property and was only built a few years back in 1605, so a relative new build. It is one of the best properties I have ever been to inside with much of the old furniture still in there.

The kids enjoyed another Easter egg hunt around the grounds with a prize at the end of a chocolate egg to add to their collection. What annoyed me most about the day was the parents who let their kids eat their egg after the hunt and then threw the rubbish on the floor. I admit there was no bins, but so what pick it up and carry it away it's not such a hardship to do!

Then when we got back I quickly got the grass cut while listening to the ipod  and then decided to get the bbq ready for the summer season, it had a right good scrub down with the power wash and then all the cooking plates cleaned and oiled again, the burners got lit again to test them and then I had to turn it all off again and have pasta bake as we had nothing in to cook on it, so today it's a visit to the supermarket as the weather should hold to cook on it tonight


  1. What a fab day. It must be heavenly having all these beautiful historic and stately homes and buildings scattered around you. I love the sense of history you get from looking around in the UK. It's great that you and your family enjoy it and don't take it for granted. PS Your photos don't bore me, I enlarge every single one to get a good look.

  2. Thanks for the comments, we never take it for granted as a lot of people work very hard to keep these places running. This year we are trying to get to more places on day trips due to money so to only have to travel for 1-2 hours is not really a problem. Sometimes it's hard not to take it for granted with so many fabulous places to visit at least we can never say there is nowhere to go.

  3. Wow what a fabulous old building. Thats one thing about Australia we simply do not have such wonderful old buildings to visit. When I was in England visiting I was in my element - Im sure my husband got sick of me asking about the history of every old building. In fact at one stage he stated "Look in England the buildings are just old - they don't all have a special purpose"!!!! I did enjoy being around such history though.

  4. Lovely, thou having only one nine year old I can categorically state that with with two young kids around its is Impossible to truly relax.

  5. polly - We tend to take things a bit for granted as there a lot of house over 100 years old especially in the city and you just don't take a second glance at them, but something that's been really well kept is kind of special.

    banesm - when one is resting the other is testing for weaknesses!

  6. I love visiting historical places myself. Glad you've gotten some time off, how I envy you!

    Watch out for kids and too much chocolate!

  7. Nah-keep those pics coming! There's some great old stuff there to see!

    Raining out here right now but we aren't too terribly far from grilling season either. I'm ready!

  8. Yep, been there too! We went to Dunham today which was beautiful in the sunshine. Daughter did one of those Easter Trails which kept her amused for a while and netted yet another Easter Egg!

    I think NT properties have an absence of litter bins on purpose so that people take their litter home and then they don't suffer from overflowing bins (I think someone told me that at Chirk Castle once - now that's a place to visit - a proper traditional Castle). It also irritates me when people don't take it home, it's not that difficult!!

  9. It sounds like you had an amazing day. How wonderful for you on such a Blessed day like Easter.

  10. My mum for the first time in my whole 42 years didn't get me one ! Does this mean she thinks I'm a grown up ?????

  11. Great photos Stu. And I agree about the wind turbines. I think they look cool.

  12. Dude - you are making the best posts on the web at the moment - loved it. Please go on!

  13. doanli - not much chocolate for me I only got 1 egg!

    YD the bbq was great to be fired up again, I just have to get Mrs Stu from the cooking side of the burgers so I can have a go!

    Working Mum - Chirk Castle was great especially the gardens to explore. Castles are so much better to explore than houses just for the little boy inside of me that likes the sense of history and fighting.

    kimmiekat - thanks for passing by.

    auntiegwen - I think she forgot, but then again mums should never forget important dates like that.

    Lerm - Thanks for the compliment, when there is more pics I will post them. Must admit I enjoy taking them to share.