Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Just for Doanli.....

Doanli, here is your cat pic you have been asking for. I will try to get more if Toby will stay still enough to pose for me. Are you happy yet........lol


  1. Mr Stu, I think that D would really like one of you chasing the cat with a hose!

  2. And he's ready to pounce on the camera!

  3. I LOVE this cat...that is the cutest face I have ever seen on a cat.

    I'd laugh if he pounced on Lermontov like he pounces on his scratching post!

  4. In this pic, he looks like Gestapo, lol.

  5. Mr Scribs - he thinks so to

    lerm - Sounds like a fun plan and I could tie him up while doing it as well

    YD - That cat pounces on everything that moves, he even claws you when walking past him

    doanli - cute but evil...I have the pictures! Lerm may just like being clawed though!

    kate - lol

  6. sas - he has an evil side as well!