Monday, 27 April 2009

Flu thoughts from abroad!

I have been following the new swine flu outbreak with interest and I was reading The Times newspaper about it online when this quote in the comments section caught my eye.

"We should nuclear strike Mexico and wipe them out to stop the USA getting sick, this goverment is weak?"

bill bob, Arizona, USA

Is this not a little to far just yet, do we just nuke everybody who has just a sniffle or remain cautious until we know the full extent of the outbreak or is bill bob from Arizona right!


  1. As long as he agrees on Britain having the right to nuke the US as a defence against the spread of McDonald’s restaurants.

  2. Ah, land of the free. You got to love some of the true good ole boys. Let's face it, there are some who would bomb somewhere or someone simply because it is a day ending in 'y'.

  3. Seems to me to be a tad of an over reaction.

    Especially since the flu seems to respond to the current anti-virals we seemed to have stocked in mega doses.

    Not saying its not serious, just that I think this one we have managed.

  4. Ahh, don't mind the knuckleheads.

    The best thing you can do to fight the flu:

    2)Cover your coughs and sneezes
    3)Eat right

  5. It makes me think of the end of the movie "Return of the Living Dead", nuking the outbreak wasn't such a good idea.

  6. NZ BREAKING NEWS 9:23pm 28/4/09

    The World Health Organisation's Melbourne laboratory has just confirmed 3 H1N1 cases in Auckland, NZ. Full pandemic planning had been in operation here for nearly a week after influenza A was first identified in student groups from 3 separate high schools returning from Mexico with flu sysmptoms. Swine flu publicly confirmed 30 minutes ago.

    Crossing fingers down under and counting on our government having it together for us. Scary that it's in my town.

  7. I've just left a comment on Flinthart's blog about this. Stu, I'll still be right to travel won't I?!!!! Stress! Australia to Europe. No going via South America. Erk!

  8. There is a fairly entertaining site called topix dot net where anyone can say anything about any subject anonymously. There is LOTS of support for nuking on those pages.

  9. Simon - That sounds good to me Burger King is better anyway!

    DD - A little trigger happy maybe.

    Barnesm - Lets hope it is a bit likes SARS and goes away.

    bangarrr - The zombies will soon be upon us, as long as my beer is safe let them come!

    Lou - Hopefully everything is covered but there are a lot of people on those planes as well, all breathing the same air, it makes you think.

    kimmy - You should be fine although I have a friend who has just had his holiday cancelled to Mexico today. When do you fly?

    fin - Nukes just make more problems than they are worth!

  10. This dude was a troll, nothing more, nothing less.

    Sure the Anti-Americans out there will find a way to blame us (the USA) for this flu anyways.

  11. As I see it I will blame the pigs for now!