Sunday, 26 April 2009

A trip with pictures.

As Mrs Stu and Little G went to day of card making and crafting today I took the fifteen minute train journey went into the city to kill a few hours by train.

We left the station and took a stroll down the hill towards the city.

This is Piccadilly Gardens, not to be confused with the Piccadilly Square in London. Now this used to be nice until the council sold out to a property developer and they ruined the place. There used to be a sunken garden you could relax in with lots of colour with the plants all year round but now it is just boring and drab.

Now this is the fountain that they put in which is supposed to shoot jets of water in the air but it spends more time being fixed and under repair than doing anything else.

This is Market Street, the busy pedestrianised part of the's just like what hell would be ;like with lots of shops (Kimmy you will love it)

This is what I like about Manchester, the really old buildings that have some character.

What better than charcter than a street busker and this one was really good called 'The Hoochie Coochie Man', we spent some time here just listening, before putting some cash into his hat as a thank you.

Like many cities these day we have our very own big wheel.

More busking to listen to and another statue. We lots of them all over the place, some good and some bad!

We had a french market in the city this weekend selling their expesive wares but they did taste nice though.

I think this is te shirtest street in Manchester, it is called Four Yard Street. Actually it's about 32 being sad I measured!

The Terror running through the arches at the back of the town hall.

Our town hall another splendid building, this was built in the days they could really build something nice.

Another statue not sure who it was as there was nothing on it to say who it is.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little stroll around the city, I did take more but I don't want to bore you with lots of pictures, I hope you enjoy them anyway.


  1. I did enjoy them, thanks! (One day I'll get to see it in person!)

  2. As usual, good pics! Manchester looks clean-not a lot of litter lying around like you can see in some American cities.

    I see an Aldi grocery store in the one pic-we've got those here! Dirt cheap, they are.

    There are a lot of newer buildings in the city center, it looks like. Was Manchester bombed fairly heavily in WWII? They'd have built newer stuff if so, obviously.

    I can't believe you'd pass up a day of craft shows just to take pics for the blog. Such dedication!

  3. I haven't been to Manchester and those photos are good enough to have saved me a trip!

    We have a big wheel in Melbourne, it opened for about a week before they found cracks in it and closed it. Now they are going to have to rebuild most of it before it can open again.

  4. You haven't convinced me to leave my rural home in South Australia to visit Manchester. It looked cold. I liked to unnamed statue, he looked very .. something determined perhaps.
    I agree with you about the town hall, and impressive looking building.

  5. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. Love em.

  6. Ooooh - great photos Stu! I'm looking forward to exploring a few of those places :) Thanks for giving me the pre-tour!

  7. bk - if you get to these shores call me up I will give you a tour.

    YD - We did get bombed a lot during WW2 but most of the recent generation was because of a huge IRA bomb that went off here a few years ago in the heart of the city centre.

    Aldi does sell lots of things cheap but ASDA owned by Wal Mart gives it a good run for it's money and that's the store I use.

    Naut - Save your money for visiting somewhere worthwhile. Manchester is great but there are a lot more places in this world to visit first.

    Carolyn - Cold, it's not cold that was a beautiful day....thanks for dropping in.

    Fin - Glad you like them.

    Kimmy - Just a taster you will find lots to see for a day or two.

  8. Loved it - the pictures were great. We drove through Manchester but didn't stop - on our next trip we will have too.