Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Birthday clothes and Twittering

Now I know buying a t-shirt is nothing special these days I thought, but I got this in my e-mail today -
exactly a year ago your laFraise order was processed and shipped. We wish your shirt a happy 1st birthday! 
WTF!! Is this something I have missed all my life, should I have been celebrating birthdays for all my clothes, damn I have so many cards to write to make up time!!!
I have been noticing a lot of people on here have started to get the 'Twitter' bug and have I have now joined to see what all the fuss is about. I like it that you can make quick updates and let people know what you are doing or your thoughts there and then but apart from that there is nothing special, so it's a case of waiting and seeing at the moment if I like it. So if you want to follow me, if you have nothing else to do you can find me at mrstu69, '69' being my year of birth and not a preference to anything else to all of you with a dirty mind!


  1. I gave it a go too Stu but it was just something else that had to be done so I flagged it after a couple of weeks. My life is not interesting enough that I need to give constant updates :-)

  2. Re: the mail - What a great marketing idea!

  3. I think people are twittering because it is a more instant form of talking amoungst ourselves. So we all keep in touch a bit better.

    PS If you and yours and me and mine ever catch up, don't fret, I'll supply the coffee and I make a mean pot of tea, but you'll have to supply sweeteners. lol.

  4. Happy 1st Birthday, Stu's shirt!

  5. Twitter - too busy actually living my life to give a running commentary on it.

  6. Thats a little bit clever isn't it.

    Im not giving in to Twitter....yet!

  7. lou - like you my life is not that interesting it is just something fun that is happening right now and i thought I would give it a go for now.

    bk I suppose it is.

    dd - your right you can communicate there and then if you are on and your mobile works as well for it.

    I don't need sweetners I am sweet enough as it is.

    YD - I will pass it on!

    Dr Yobbo - I suppose you have a point

    Lerm - Warnie is a twit not a Twitter!

    Polly - You will ....lol