Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I hate school holidays!

First off all may I say greetings to my visitor from the Yemen who has paid a visit according to my statistics box at the side that I have installed and also to the visitor from Mexico, I say hello.

Does anybody have a taser or a stun gun, maybe even a cattle prod I can lend while the school holidays are on over here at the moment as there quite a few of the loud mouths that I would like to silence each day for a few hours! I am quite sure that when I was young I never had a mouth as big as the kids playing outside today, I'm sure they have megaphones surgically implanted at birth and as they grow older they get louder. Mrs Stu has said I have to show restraint as they are only kids having fun, but as soon as they get to noisy then that spoils my fun of whatever I am doing. So annoying that the parents up to a certain age and none of these kids are above 8 are left out unsupervised, they are just left to run wild. 

That's the problem today a lot of parents will not take responsibility for their kids and will blame their kids actions on everybody else rather than their own parenting when that is the obvious choice. I can remember many a time a neighbour complaining about me being noisy and my dad grounding me even if I was in the right, as he said I had to respect elders and not cause a nuisance. My kids are not angels but I am bringing them up to respect others and their property and if they do get to noisy then I bring them in and we can suffer.

Sorry rant over i am turning into a grumpy old man at the ripe old age of 39!


  1. Good luck with that issue. At least if they're playing outside they're not stagnating in front of a TV or game console or even better not out stealing or vandalising stuff - it could be worse?

    School here finishes for 2 weeks on Good Friday this week and it's about time as Rory is tired out. He works so hard that the holidays are a great chance to recharge for him.

  2. I agree with you about kids. I don't blame them as much as I blame the parents. It's so much easier to ignore and so as to not give it any "attention", so the parents do nothing, but what about everyone else who has to endure your children's misbehavior?

    Maybe the Yemen reader googled "Toby the Cat" ;)

  3. I hate when they're being very loud. I can be a good sport if they're on a trampoline, but otherwise I like peace (especially in front of the house, which is where my bedroom is)

    Maybe your ipod will help.

  4. Try this: Aim very loud speakers out of the house and play classical music, if that doesn't work try tapped lessons in learning another language. Let's face it, if it doesn't work you are helping with their learning. Maybe.

  5. I was in the fishmonger's shop the other day and a mother and child were standing behind me. The kid was wailing like a dervish. I turned around with a look that must have displayed what was on my mind - because all I was thinking was "if your child doesn't shut up I'm going to kick him in the throat". Thankfully she grabbed the little mongrel and blackmailed him via the Easter Bunny

  6. Mr Stu, trying lobbing a grenade like object and yelling "incoming". It gives the younguns, some exercise (running away at high speed), it's educational getting away from grenade attacks is a vital life skill, and it's entertaining to watch.

  7. Lou - At least they are not vandalsing that is a bonus. Little G is also warn out these holidays and she seems to be getting her energy back now after a rest.

    doanli - Are you just after another cat photo again?

    DD - We do have some shops over here that play classical outside there stores on speakers to stop kids gathering and hanging around.

    BK - Likewise I am open to some fun for a while it's just when the loudness gets to much.

    Lerm - The cold stare of hate is usually a favourite of mine. I understand kids need to be noisy but there is a time and a place for everything in life.

    bangarrr - I laughed my head off at that one, now just where can I pick up a couple?

  8. rofl at lerm...
    haha, DD i know people that have done something similar.
    he was in a band and he worked duing the day and had to get up at three, his neighbours were party animals and up till all hours, he got the shits with them and got all his band equiptment, etc on the veranda next to their house, turned it to ful volume and started playing 'Time' with all the akarm clocks in the intro... at about 8 in the morning, once they were really startin to sleep. hahahaha. they were great neighbours after that....
    bangarrr that was funny. i gotta do that..

  9. Copper top - The band payback sounds real good glad they got the medicine that they dished out to others.