Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday blues

Another fabulous day today (Kimmy 19C today it's getting hotter) the sun is shining all day the skies are blue and at work like a lot of unfortunate others I am stuck inside all day. No windows or anything that extravagant just four grey walls to stare at for fun, so it's great when work is done to come home, put the shorts on and t-shirt and chill in the garden while getting the dinner done for everybody, that's after taking Mrs Stu to karate and Little G to Brownies.

The government announces it's budget this week and it is going to be either a big series of cutbacks for everybody or we are going to be hit hard in the pocket to pay for or the billions that they have pumped into the banks to keep the economies going in this economic downturn. I can see them making everything a 'green' issue so that they can raise taxes easier under the illusion that they are saving the planet by doing so and like every budget whatever taxes they take are never pumped back into the things that they should be pumped into. The usual culprits of the tax increases are bound to be petrol, alcohol, tobacco and their new one air taxes as the aviation industry is the big bad demon at the moment. I just hope the unelected Prime Minister,Mr Brown realises he will soon be coming up for election and after this financial mess there is no way he will be elected back into office.

Now I am going to take my cheap beer into the garden and kind of enjoy it for what it is and to try and hit the spot it's suppose to.


  1. Our fuel is remaing but the food is taking a huge hit! Instant coffee, for example, went from $10 to $11.50 (big jar). One litre of cream for coffee is $3.56 at Wal-mart.
    Meat is crazy.

  2. I'll be particularly interested to hear what they come up with for the Carbon budget that I'm presuming they'll deliver at the same time as the Fiscal budget - what do you bet they'll be some serious overlap on the basis that (as you say) taxation is considered the most effective way of changing behaviour and encouraging innovation.

  3. 19c, there must be topless Englishmen everywhere!

  4. Naut, don't forget those sexy hairless, white as snow, Englishman's legs.

  5. So the money has to come from somewhere? Higher taxes? The Aussie budget comes out next month and its going to be much the same. Higher taxes on booze, smokes and fuel.

  6. Time to home brew.

  7. 19 degrees is ok I suppose *sulks*. We had 20 degrees today. But it's nearly 3 weeks until we're in England so the weather has a chance to get toasty warm....

    Our government is giving us money! But then again, we have a more robust and stricter banking system than the UK and haven't needed to bail out any banks.

  8. Alcohol, tobacco, and gas are no-brainers for extra taxes-wherever you live.

  9. Bangar, as you know, it's always time for home brew. As long as some other bastard does the grunt work.

  10. I decided to beat the budget this week and ordered six cases of wine from Tesco. (I think I'm responsible for their record profits!) So far, I've been hit by every price rise on the high street (including astronomical increase in price of radiators!), but benefited at all by falling mortgage rates as we've got a fixed rate. Trying not to think about what they're going to do to us this time.

  11. Oops, should say 'NOT benefited at all'. Losing my ability to type now!

  12. bk - lots of food here is rising fast as well at the moment and the fuel is on the up also now
    after it came down a little.

    lou - yep your right they just use it as an excuse to rake in more money these days.

    naut - and with a knotted hankie on their heads as well.

    DD - I have a prize pair of my own and being about 2 metres tall there is a lot of them!

    Therbs - As Kimmy points out at least your banks are holding up better than pours are and you have the $900 coming from Kev, or is that just certain people?

    bangarrr - sounds good to me are you brewing?

    kimmy - our banks were able to run their own shop without much input from the powers that be, hopefully that will now end seeing as the government owns most of them.

    yd - to true

    Dr Yobbo - My sentiments as well, far easier somebody else doing the honours and you enjoying it afterwards.

    Working mum - It's a little scary at the moment with all the price rises out there and what will go up again, lets hope Tesco give us a little more in the savings department again now they have made so much. I'm on a tracker mortgage so at the moment I am benefiting for the first time although not by much.

  13. Only have the still set up at the moment but will get the beer going again soon.