Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Cats and things

What a busy week it's been this week I have not have five minutes to myself, like a lot of people on here everything just seems to be rush, rush, rush at the moment with only a bit of time to come up for air!

The weekend is only a couple of days away now so that is something to look forward to, I have not got anything planned but it will be good to try and sneak in ten minutes 'ME' time along the way somewhere, not sure when that will be but I can only try. Just may and have a few beers and a play on the Nintendo Wii, although that is difficult these days as the cat sees the dangling wire and thinks to himself 'great a dangling wire this is a game'. Not realising how this upsets me and gets him ready to be thrown out of the room, especially if a high score is on the way and he breaks my concentration by pulling and biting on the wires. The cat is loving the spring weather at the moment and is spending all his tie outside chasing all sorts of bugs, toying with them and then killing them. It's worse in the evenings when he comes in and sees a little moth and feels the need to chase it all over the house knocking everything off as he goes, the cat is mad!


  1. I thought the Wii was wireless?

  2. Me time is always needed, preemptive removal may be needed advice I wish I had.

  3. Your cat is The Cat!

    "This is mine, This is mine, all this is MINE!"

  4. Good luck getting in some me time - hopefully I will be joining you in spirit and across the seas!

  5. naut - there are two controllers you can use but one of them has to be connected to the other by a wire.

    bangarrr - I could always lock him out.

    YD - A cult classic, still as funny today as yesterday.....although they have just made three new episodes and just aired them here over Easter. Watch the first one and then turn it off as after that it just went horribly bad!

    Polly - I hope you get some time to yourself.