Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Little G's birthday

Been a very rushed few days lately hence not a lot of time to come on here. Ut has been Little G's birthday weekend this weekend and we have been having fun with her. We never had a party this year as they were working out a bit on the expensive side so we decided to have a BBQ at home and invite Little G's friends and friends of our own and it proved to be just as expensive!

The last few days were spent giving a good cleaning of the house more that what is usually done in a week so everything was spic and span. Friday, night I called the bouncy castle poeple at short notice to see if they had a covered castle for the Sunday for an 8 year old girl, "Yes" came the reply "no problem". So on Sunday the castle arrived and both kids were excited as we had not told them what was coming and they stood in awe as it inflated Little G was not amused and The Terror went "WOW, Pirates". At least they both bounced on it enough to get enough fun out of it.

Not had so much booze in a long time but the best thing was even though I drank all day I never had a hangover to suffer with the following day, now that was a first, as I am usually the one singing into the toilet the next morning, maybe it's because I'm getting older or the amount of food i consume to soak up the booze. I am now banned from taking any food until everybody else has had at least one thing to eat before I start, I seem to have a bottomless pit of a stomach at times.

Then today it rained and it has rained all day for twelve hours which means the garden is to wet to do anything on it which is just a shame, oh well lots of beer over and the footie is on tonight so the kids have to be in bed early..yippee!


  1. Happy B'day to little G - enjoy the footy

  2. Lerm - Thanks mate I will pass it on to her....by the way, don't you ever sleep?

    Kate - I take it you don't mean the kids going to bed early then!

  3. Happy Birthday to young Miss G!

    ESPN is showing Arsenal v. Manchester United here-is that the match to which you're referring?

  4. Kids early to bed. Cat(s) (many cats) (far too many cats) outside. What more could a man want...maybe a bottle of merlot to go with it.

    Happy Bday to the little one.

  5. Happy B'day to little G.

    Kids, cake, red cordial and then a bouncy castle, receipe for a prize winning Funniest Home Video!

  6. Only 4 or 5 hours a night. The IPL cricket is on pretty late over here!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend - yayyy for bouncy castles, they rock!!

  8. YD - Yep I did watch that match, my team was just awesome to say the least, the final here we come.

    jadedy - hm merlot sounds good to me are you sharing?

    Naut - We get have the balance right we give them no red cordial!

    Lerm- - The cricket is on just right for us.

    Lou - it was a fun weekend and bouncy castles are always juming fun whatever your age.

  9. Lately Ive had the same problem with too much alcohol and a date with the toilet bowl...Its seriously put me off my alcoholic tendancies!

    Happy birthday to little G.