Sunday, 17 May 2009

A walk on the heath

As is usual in England, at this time of year it was another rainy day today so there was not much to do outside and we had to venture out in between rain showers for a walk and to blow the cob webs away at a place called Lindow Common, which is only a 15 minute drive away and I have never been there in all my 39 years so it was somewhere new for me as well.

We had three options really because of the weather we could of stayed indoors, gone shopping or explored the outdoors and we decided to venture out as we only had a hour anyway as Mrs Stu had to finish school work because for some obscure reason she wanted to go and see Girls Aloud, pretty to look at but not really my kind of scene.

This is where we ended up, land mostly not yet destroyed by human hand.

Little G and The Terror enjoyed a good walk around and an explore of the surrounding woods and every possible puddle was splashed in to find treasure, as that is where the pirates buried it according to The Terror!

At the centre of the heath land is a lake or to must a big pond called Black Lake. It was good for a little walk and an explore anyway.

Hope you all had a fun weekend.


  1. Looks beautiful; I really love England, you have the most gorgeous countryside, slightly ahead of Provence, France and Tuscany, Italy.

  2. Your weekend looked better than mine. I was stupid enough to brave the Debenhams Sale in the Trafford Centre to get some cut price Denby plates.

  3. I've not been to any of them so I can't really comment, but we do have a lot of really beautiful places.

  4. Working Mum - Oh no the horror of that, that place is bad enough at the best of times, it's like my journey to hell going there.

  5. Oh, I forgot:

    "TO-BY!TO-BY!TO-BY!" :P

  6. Pretty place, Stu. Looks like there's a house right by that pond. Now that'd be a great weekend spot.

    You mean the Pirates of Cheshire never buried treasure in Lindow Common? Darn it, anyway!

  7. Great looking spot.

    The best thing I did when in Solihull was jump on a pushbike and ride for about 40kms though the countryside. Some amazing little places tucked away.

  8. The only actual English countryside I got to see while over there last year was the wilderness growing in the infield at Brands Hatch!

    Still, that was my kinda nature trip. Birds, trees, all that lovely forest ambience - while surrounded by Superbikes howling around the place doing 180mph and Carlsberg on tap.

  9. Beautiful shots Mr Stu - almost makes me want to get married and have kids!

  10. Lovely pics as usual Stu.

  11. Thanks for the pics! (I've never been anywhere and love it when you post pics)

  12. Thanks for sharing more pretty parts of youkay.

  13. What a lovely place, thanks for sharing Mr Stu.

  14. jennicki - every country has it good spots

    doanli - Toby says high.

    YD - There are actually houses all around the walk it is actually not that big.

    Naut - The best thing to do is ride as fast s you can out of Solihull I say!

    DrYobbo - Carlsberg on tap my kind of beer, a long journey for a two hour

    Lerm - Nah don't go their you have years of fun ahead of you first

    Lou - Thank you

    BK - You have the vastness of Canada, I want to explore there someday

    Fin - your welcome

    bangarrr - no problem