Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Arrgggh metal box of rubbish!

Now I know they are great for doing many things and you can add all sorts of wires and devices to them but when you have to find just one connection is when you eventually hit trouble...COMPUTERS!

Now our desktop sits in the corner of the room with everything possible plugged in somewhere and all the cables from all the devices leading into the back of it from all the various USB devices, printers and camera leads. Now there is no problem in all of these wires until you have to change over something for some reason or other. All I had to do was to re-connect a microphone into the back that had become unplugged the last time I did something in there.

First of all there was the problem of tracing the wire from the microphone to the end of it and then plugging it in and why no matter how careful when you first install your computer you put all the wires in neatly when you go back to it somebody has been there and tied them in the biggest know imaginable anyway eventually I got the microphone plugged in and doing all the tests to find that somehow i had pulled out my speaker connection so then it was back under the desk to reconnect and then out again to find I had knocked the monitor lead so I only had a blank screen to stare at....arrrgggghhhh. Anyway job done in the end after much effing and blinding along the way, just hope The Terror never picked up any new words!

Now if only life can be like this without a care in the world.


  1. I hear you! Bill usually does it, but I was setting up my printer from work (moved my office home) and it was quite annoying! The tangles are made more disgusting by the dust and the crumbs from whomever decides to eat here. *sigh*

  2. It's a nightmare down the back of our desktop - if something needs doing, I'll always call Rory to get on hands and knees and figure it out - it's a %&#%&# mess down there.

    Which I why I normally stick with my nice tidy little notebook.

  3. I know the feeling mate – you should see the underneath of my desk. Because of the size of my bedroom, the monitor doubles up as a TV. This means that as well as a D-Sub and a DVI-D cable from the computer, it also has inputs from an Xbox and two TV recorders (HDD and DVD); an amplifier and speakers has inputs from the monitor, as its internal speakers are crap, from the computer and one of the recorders, the computer has a microphone and line-in for audio, two external USB backup drives, an external USB modem, a graphics tablet, a flatbed scanner, a negative/slide scanner, a printer, and of course a mouse and keyboard. Erm… a LAN cable connected up to the Xbox to give it internet access. And of course a phone cable from the modem to the wall outlet. Oh yes, and a pair of headphones has to go somewhere.

    Because most have separate mains supplies there are fourteen mains cables plugged in to three multipoint mains connectors.

    You can probably imagine what it’s like grovelling under the desk trying to work out what is plugged into what.

  4. I'm buggered if I can work out how to plug a DVD player in - wld rather be the cat!

  5. Since I'm a graphic designer, for years I struggled with a desk top computer and it's cumbersome sea of wires, peripherals and monster monitor...refusing to even look at a laptop. Following my wife's lead, I broke down last year and bought a lap top...wireless everything. The old hippo sits in the basement office serving as a router to our laptops. No more of the scenarios you described.

  6. I think Toby has the right idea. :)

  7. Velcro cable ties, best thing I ever borrowed from work.

  8. Computers: designed to frustrate.

  9. The natural state of a computer .. broken.
    PS there are only two types of hard drives, those that have failed, and those that haven't yet.

  10. bk - the house is not to bad for dust it's just everything that falls off my table, like cups and pens and all the like that fall get in the way.

    lou - I usually use my ipod touch when at home but when I need to type on go on the main pc. The wife won't let me touch her pc as it's her work one and I'm not allowed anywhere near it.

    simon - I feel your pain and have you evr unpugged the wrong cable undid it all as well and then found out you have to do it all again!

    Lerm- you need kids!

    jadedj - that sounds a great idea now I need to dig a basement!

    doanli - that is his only idea

    Naut - I borrow from work as well sometimes!

    Dr.Yobbo - I thought that was women!

    bangarrr - you remind me I need back up storage

  11. i'd rather be the pussy too..

  12. What did we do before computers? Ah, yes we wrote letters and talked to people. Oh, but could I live without the blogging now?

  13. Toby should be a Lifestyle Guru!