Sunday, 10 May 2009

Footie woes

I think he's cracked it and he is finally there if the last two days are anything to go by, The Terror, is finally toilet trained. He has just not wanted to do it at all, being a boy, like all men I suppose he wanted somebody else to do it for him but now he goes when ever he feels the need to. So much more harder than his sister she was dong it so much easy but as I said boys are lazy!

The big game today Manchester United vs Manchester City,  the local derby and fierce rivalries. I had it all lined up going around to a mates house drinking lots of beer and enjoying the game, but since what I want to do goes to the bottom of the pecking order in my house I have lost out again. Little G, I found out after everybody else is putting on a show with her gymnastics club and the rehearsals are this afternoon at kick off for the show tonight and I am now left with The Terror, to entertain and as I have no sports at home as it is on pay to view! Will have to surf the net and see if there is a link out there somewhere I can watch, it usually ends up being broadcast with Spanish or Brazilian commentary though. The commentators are great in their goal celebrations though they make the goals all the more special when they shout 'GGGGGOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL'. see what I mean! 


  1. Can you pretend to have Swine Flu?

  2. Only downside to that is i am never ill, not had a day off work in 18 years....damn!

  3. Bummer Stu. I would love to see a game at Old Trafford. I hope it was your team who won.

  4. So which side were you rooting for? We were at the park when I stupidly said, "So where is the game today?". Husband replied, "Well, if it was at City I'd be there, wouldn't I?" Oops!

  5. Good for the boy-goin' potty all by himself!

    Ain't it the way? There's something about crosstown rivalries that are exciting no matter how good or bad the teams are-witness a Cubs/White Sox or Yankees/Mets tilt-and you gotta miss it! Recording the game isn't an option, then?

    I've heard soccer games called in Spanish-and I didn't think the word 'GOAL' could be stretched out over 45 seconds!

  6. Reckon those Spanish callers have got the circular breathing thing down pat. They'd be awesome on a didgeridoo. Keep going for hours

  7. Mr Stu may I suggest moving "doing work around the house" to the top of your want list?

  8. Lou - they sure did only four points away from the title now

  9. working mum- I take it your husband wasn't happy yesterday then, just rub it in 2-0,2-0,2-0

    YD - The boy is going great guns at the moment and is doing superb

    I managed to get the game free on the internet in the end so i watched it that way, cross city teams playing each other are always good and when you put one over on the other team even better.

    Dr Yobbo - They could certainly give Rolf a run for his money any day of the week

    bangarrr - May have to do that

  10. These days, when discussing Man City, all I can do is shake my head and say, "well, at least we're not being relegated."

    "This year."


    I'd have to pay a bit to see EPL games, but I can get the Mexican League for free on 2 Spanish-language stations. Of course, the Mexican league sucks, but it sure is fun to hear the announcer yell Goal while shit is flung all over the field.