Tuesday, 26 May 2009

G'day Possums

At last back again not had time to say "BOO" to a ghost this week with so much going on and all other things happening, so what has been happening that has kept me away, well nothing to be honest besides work and the home life.

The Terror has been ill this past weekend so we have stayed in the house all weekend only really venturing into the garden and as it has been a mighty 24C it has been nice to do nothing and save a few pound notes. I took The Terror to see the doctor today to see what he had and as soon as we walked in the door the doctor, said it was a case of slapped cheek and that although he has been infectious he should be cleared up by the weekend. He has just not been his usual causing chaos self so hopefully a few days rest and we will be back to destroying things once again.

It's been great with the weather picking up as there is more chance to enjoy beer in the garden rather than beer in the house and obviously enjoying beer in the garden usually resorts in a BBQ to enjoy which always goes down in my book, although apparently due to Australian law only Aussies can cook behind a BBQ and all others have to get everything else ready, some how I don't think this one is true!


  1. yeah mate.... it's international law.If there's an Aussie in the vicinity, they get the BBQ. Of course an Aussie male trumps an Aussie female though. So don't break it. If you do the SAS jumps in, it's a whole thing.

  2. Glad to hear from you, Mr Stu. Hope the little Terror stays on the mend so as to keep you on your toes!

  3. Gotta back Uamada up on that one, it's not Australian law, it International Law. If you are in Denmark having a barbie and an Aussie you have never meet wanders into your backyard then you are legally obliged to hand him/her the tongs and fetch them a beer.

  4. Could be a good idea to keep the terror ill!

  5. My suggestion would be to stop saying BOO to ghosts. It's unwarranted and unnecessary.

  6. Hope the little terror feels better soon!

  7. Never heard of that 'slapped cheek' syndrome, but it doesn't sound all that great. A parvovirus-I've heard of the canine variety, which is bad news for dogs. Hope the boy clears up soon.

    Hate to say it, Stu, but when I think 'barbecue' and 'cookout', the British don't come to mind as masters of the art. You gotta let a Yank or an Aussie drive the grill. Sorry, but it's in the International Food Treaty of 1949-Britons are not to grill. In return, Americans and Australians will not do up good fish and chips.

  8. If I remember rightly you'll be feeling disappointed after today's game - my commiserations.

  9. I've heard of people having a face like a smacked arse, but I presume that's something different.

  10. Ah yes the international law of BBQing, not to be messed with under any circumstances.

  11. uamada - just as long as I know i thought i was doing something wrong!

    doanli - slow recovery it knocked the wind out of his sails.

    naut - the things you learn every day astound me, I am glad you Aussies are around to tell me.

    Lerm - He is better causing mischief we know where he is then.

    DrYobbo - Sorry!

    bk - I'm sure he will. Time and rest.

    YD - The Aussies actually cook quite good fish and chips to be honest and they taste rather nice. We can even bbq on holiday with our camping stove although I now know my place and will now only make salads!

    lou - thank you

    DrYobbo - That is something the Aussie cricketers will get this summer!

    Polly - Everybody seems to know this law except me, I have much to learn!