Friday, 15 May 2009

More mutterings

The trip to Oz is fast approaching and it's time once want again to hunt through the net for the prices on car hire. Mrs Stu goes first and we are guessing the total stay will be around 45 days for her this time which is a long time, although I am only there for four weeks. Maybe I can make her take pubic transport until I get over there! Somehow i don't think that will go down well. She will get the car on the first day and Mrs Stu's brother in law is going to the airport to drive them home after such a long flight as it gets in at stupid o'clock in the morning & then it's a two hour drive out to there place in Hoddles Creek, so knowing how tired they will be after the flight it is for the best. Anyway the prices are working out on the extreme side for even a smallish car at the moment around £900, although I think we can get this a little lower with some surfing around for deals.

I have got into a bad habit recently of starting to watch films late in the evenings these days and most of the times I can watch them right until the end but there is the odd time like last night for instance when I am in the film and the adverts come on towards the end and next minute the films over and there is some tele shopping on instead and I've missed the ending and it's so annoying not knowing what happened to who or how the thing finished. May have to start recording everything before I sit down to watch it now.

Just hoping that there is some more cricket today, yesterday it was a complete washout with no play at all, I just hoping there are better things to come today, it is starting of cloudy where I am with a few showers today. The batsmen need to some big hits to get their confidence together before the ashes starts soon. I am liking Bopara, at the moment he seems to like a good knock and I hope his form continues. need to see how the bowlers cope again so I will reserve judgement for now. So today all I want is a bit of cricket and some peace.

The best news today would be if Manchester United can wrap up the Premiership and get an 18th equalling title to match Liverpools achievements. We have two games to go and only need a point, I have confidence, as to win it at home would be special as it's against Arsenal, who just a few seasons ago clinched the title on our ground so a bit of pay back is in order I think today.


  1. I miss the end of movies all the time when I fall asleep. Sign of age I think. Rental cars are a rip off - does no one in Mrs Stu's family have a spare car you guys can borrow for a few weeks?

  2. I agree with Lou - beg, borrow or steal a car - there has to be a way.
    That has got to be annoying re the films - taping sounds a good idea.
    Cook looks good in the cricket. Hopefully it rains continually until we get there - don't want you buggers getting too much practise!

  3. Hoddles Creek, some beautiful areas out that way.

    I can investigate mini leases through our leasing company for you, but I would be surprised if they are any cheaper.

    I'm with Lerm, we want you guys confident but totally out of form come the ashes.

  4. How does $41 per day or $1051 per month compare with what you have seen so far?

  5. Lou, Nope no spare cars lying around it would of been so much cheaper to go on their insurance for a few weeks. Will just have to keep looking.

    lerm - As I said to Lou, nobody has a spare car lying around these days so i will have to keep looking. As for the cricket the boys will be up for it come the Ashes or should that be the men and not boys!

    Naut - Hoddles Creek is great where we stay at Mrs Stu's sisters. Those prices seem about the same up to know I will shop around first then get back to you if I find nothing cheaper. My company has a deal with car hire companies with a staff discount so I will see if these work abroad.

  6. Jeez for 45 days you'd almost be better off buying one and selling it after! Just not complete buzzboxes like on the Top Gear US mission.

  7. I don't mind renting a car for a long weekend trip, but, yeah, for six weeks-ouch.

    As for sports, that's the worst-having the opponent clinch a playoff trip on your team's home ground. Second worst is having your team clinch away from home. You're glad your team wins but the atmosphere isn't the same as a home victory.

  8. My thoughts are the same as Doc's, better to buy and sell a car for the trip.

  9. Lease one and then don't pay. They should repossess it about the time you leave.

    Just kidding.........

  10. Dr Yobbo - The Top Gear cars are so cool, just like the African cars as well they bought.

    YD - The car is going to hurt big time in the pocket.

    Bangarrr - but then then we have to sell it and sort insurance and all of that and that takes time, plus we need a car when we are there.

    Fin- No can do, I'm to honest for that