Thursday, 19 February 2009


It's cross your legs time for the blokes out there, the females will all have a sly smile on their face after I tell you this. The adopted cat Toby, has to have his balls cut off! When we got him from the animal sanctuary we had been told he had been sorted out in that department but it was not to be. We had not checked because they told us he had been done. 

They were not sure when we got him if he had, had any of his injections so we got him in to be sorted and get a health check and when the vet checked he still had his balls. We called up the place where we got him and they said when they got him they were unsure as the bloke who brought him in said he had been done when obviously he had not. They never had a problem with this and said bring him back and they will sort him out...ouch!

He has now gone back to the rescue home and the house is now quiet with Little H asking a million times where has the cat gone and you give him an answer and then five minutes later you get the same question, the joy of kids. The trip to Conwy is on hold tomorrow now as we have to pick the cat up and we have now changed it until Saturday after Little G, does her gymnastics class.

Poor Toby!

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