Saturday, 14 February 2009


It's the weekend and usual it is going to be one of those big fat boring ones. We should rerally be going out for a meal being Valentines Day but with two kids that is a little impossible right now, so we will have to try and spend some time together tonight once the kids are in bed. It's amazing how little time we get together these days, due to work and the kids after school activities but when we do it is great.

Decided we have adopted a mad cat or do all cats have weird personalities? One minute he is a nice cute cat sleeping peacefully and the next minute he is running across the sofa diving on my head trying to scratch my eye out, I have a nice war wound scratch under my eye right now. I think it's because we can't let him out at the moment as he has to get use to us and he needs his injections before he ventures out into the big bad world out there.

Hope everybody has a great weekend.


  1. Glad to see your posting again, Mr Stu. :)

    And happy to see the Churchill quotes. (I'm a big fan of his)

  2. Been away a bit but I got drawn back to the friendly people here :-)

  3. How old is the cat? If he is young, it may just be a teenage/childhood acting up thing. He doesn't know what's right or wrong.

    If he does something really bad (like scratch you), hold him down to the floor (gently with just enough pressure not to hurt him) by pushing between his shoulder blades. Don't let him get up until you let go. His mum would do the same thing with her paw if he was naughty.

    He'll grow out of it.

  4. I'm convinced all cats are insane. Doesn't stop me from having cats though.

  5. kimmy - the cat is about 1 we think, I will try what you say but he is a bit mad a times but it just could be because he needs to get use to us, most of the time he is as good as gold and he likes cheese we found out!

    bangar - we are finding they are a law onto themselves

  6. Like kimmywoo said, I was thinking if he's young he'll still be rambunctious.

    If you get him neutered, that might settle him a bit as well.

    Incidentally, Mrs Stu might say the same for you as well...

  7. Mrs Stu has said the same to me many a time YD, I have no idea why, beheading comes up in the conversation as well!