Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wednesday mumblings!

I have taken three days off this week, using up the last of my annual leave before it finishes at the end of March, to spend some time with the kids and the wife during the half term holidays here right now. Today was spent at Chester Zoo for a few hours. We try to take them once a year to try and broaden their horizons and to try and teach them about the animals. H, who is two only wanted to see the crocodiles and that was all he would talk about going there,  when he got there he was excited about every animal there from the small to the large. Lots of new buildings and habitats have been altered since last time to make it more like the animals natural habitat. It took 30 minutes to queue up to get in as everybody had the same idea as us to try and entertain the kids for the day. It was a good day all and all and the kids loved it so that was great and H, came away with his toy crocodile from the gift shop and G, got a fossil!

Toby, the cat, is coming on great since we got him ten days ago, nothing seems to phase him at the moment except the vacuum cleaner, he just gets on great with everybody except when he gets these destructive times which usually lasts about 30 minutes, but as I've said before I think this is because he still can't go out. The only really annoying thing at the moment is when any wires are hanging down or your doing anything with a wire attached he thinks it is a big gane and tries his best to get to it to pull and play with. He especially likes headphone wires to pull on at the moment, even when they are in my ear and attached to my ipod!


  1. Our cat is three years old and fixed, but you'd think she was a little cheetah or something. The only way we could get her to calm down was to buy her a house - a two story scratching post with a perch on top, where she can lay in front of a screened in open window to watch the birds.
    There's not a day that goes by, that she's not walking the perimeter of the house, trying to figure out how to get outside. *sigh*
    How old is Toby?

  2. It's far too cold in my slice of the country to attempt a zoo visit, but one thing I know, as an adult a zoo is never the same without a little on to chase after and view everything from their eyes.
    As for the kitty. I have 3 (just under the number that would sure to label me a crazy cat lady) and thankfully they are all older now and only rein terror once in awhile.
    Have a great week,

  3. My cat is in for a shock, moving time.

  4. becomingkate - We have a one floor house for him at the moment but he prefers us. He is going to the vet today to get checked out, eventually we will let him out after both his injections but for now he is stuck!

    Rebecca Anne - What part of the country are you in then, we are just starting to warm up here now.

    Bangarrr - I have heard butter on the cats feet the first time you send them out and they always come back, then again it could all be a crock of shit!

  5. Congrats on the new kitty too! We found Luke, our male cat, in a state park as a kitten who weighed hardly anything. He couldn't wait to get outside, and he got there. Only problem is, he is an excellent hunter. (I just want him to leave the birds and butterflies alone. :( )

  6. I can see ours being just the same he is itching to go now, pawing at the window trying to escape and waiting for an open door to dash through, but luckily for now he is still in.