Monday, 2 February 2009

An announcement.......

IT SNOWED.......

Well the country shut up shop today with all London's heathrow airport closed and all London buses stopped due to the conditions that the snow brought with it It is a once in a twenty year thing when it hits our fair shores and it is free as everything else that you get these days you have to pay for. There were two crashed on the way to work as people can not drive over here unless it is dry and sunny.

 It was great enjoying a hour out in the snow with the kids tonight making a snowman, complete with stones for eyes and a carrot for the nose. The snowman has been taken down and rolled into the back garden and reassembled due to a snowman not been sacred in this country and liable to have it's head kicked in by some hooded scroat as soon as your back is turned!

I have a very unfair advantage when it comes to snowball fights as i have to admit i make a great snowball, I squeeze the snow so hard together when I make it that it has it's positives and it's negatives, the positive being when it hits it hurts a lot, but when it misses it doesn't break up and then it is used on me, which hurts a lot!

Only thing about tonight instead of being inside a nice heated house I have to venture out to do the weekly shop.....any offers of help out there to do it instead.


  1. Of course I'll do it ... I'll just wait for the flight details shall I?

  2. No worries. Send your shopping list. I'll pay the $2 to get it delivered.

  3. Bangar - What ticket would you like first or economy

    Big Al - $2!!! We have to pay four pounds for home delivery.....Rip of England!

  4. Its snowing here tonight. Big snow to an English girl like me. Glad to see you back.

  5. Well we have to pay between $9-$12 for home delivery! And I would love some snow. Sister in London sent me some photos. It is too hot in Sydney!

  6. bagpuss - Another one here, slowly but surely everybody is appearing :-)

    kimmy - so cold right now, the coldest in a long time, but at least we can escape to the house unlike you who have no escape unless you lived in a fridge!