Friday, 20 February 2009


Disaster struck on the most enormous magnitude last night, I have not known anything like it since the last piece of the jigsaw went missing, (do people still do jigsaws these days or is it just kids now?). The Sky+ box broke! Now out of all my gadgets I have and use this has to be the hub of the household, that everybody uses, but last night it went down.

Sky+ is like a video recorder but a whole lot more, you can record live two channels at once, you have the weeks ahead viewing guide at your finger tips, where you can set reminders to record and even series link all the epsodes to record soyou don't have to set it everytime it is on. You can fast forward through the advrts, there is this and just so much more. You can watch something from your recorded stuff while two programs are recording, you can rewind tv if you misheard something or missed that all important Aussie cricketer getting out your abe to rewind it and watch it again and again. 

Anyway it was on the telephone to Sky, to try and resolve the problem because all our recorded stuff we could not see as it was not letting us get into our planner and when I had been put on hold, I was finally put through to somebody in India to resolve the issues and she was great except for what happened. She tried several things I had to do while using the handset and trying to reboot the system but to no avail and then she said the last option was to do a full reboot that would lose everything recorded on it.AAAAAARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

This did resolve the issue and got it up and going again but everything was gone! Every single episode we had not had chance to see, including six episodes of Lost we had not got around to watching yet, now i am going to have to buy the series to find out what happens as we have seen every episodes up to now and I knowit is as confusing as anything but we have watched it this far and just need to see the conclusion.

Well I hope everybody has a good I am going to enjoy a nice beer and watch that movie classic Alien vs Predator!

p.s. Toby, is back and fit and well...minus his balls!


  1. Glad Toby is okay!

    You need to talk to Lermontov, he's a huge cricket fan.

  2. He's Australian so he won't know that much about cricket!

  3. 5-0!

    We'll see what happens this England summer!!!

  4. How we are performing against the Windies, things at the moment are not looking to hopeful. Then again your not firing on al cylinders either just yet!

  5. Condolences on losing your vid programs. In the US, there is a comic strip called Cathy, which you could pick up off the yahoo comic pages, and they make great use of the 'stored video' situation.

    It is the video equivalent of all the flying magazines which stack up in my bathroom on the floor.

  6. Ohh....Ohh hell. I have one of those, the DVR, and this family would come to a pile of whimpering mush if it broke and everyone's favorite TV shows were'nt recorded as planned.

    Ok, I'm going to back away slowly from this entry and pretend I never read such a thing. This has 'program voodoo' written all over it. I need some salt, or wood.....or a priest....