Saturday, 28 February 2009

So Slow Day

Can you hear that......... no neither can I that is the sound of silence after the son is in bed and Mrs Stu and the daughter are out, the silence is just great so I am just surfing on here catching up and enjoying a beer with the cat for company....bliss!

Very slow news day here today as there is not much happening, besides doing the house work, that horrible stuff like cleaning clothes and the house and doing the bits of shopping I needed to pick up the day has really dragged by. Although the kids made up for it by being really louder than usual, surely there must be some law where you are allowed to gag them for a couple of hours or to use sedatives......only joking!

Went to the shops to pick up a few things, drove to the multi storey car park stopping at every red light, parked up, went down the stairs (getting fit not using the lift), got the basket, filled it with the stuff I need, got to the check out, stand in queue......realise money is at put everything back on the shelf, walked back up the stairs, into the car, back home and out again. Repeat the previous but pay at the end, and you will get some idea of what an exciting day I have had today. 

At least it is almost over. hope everybody else has fared better. :)


  1. So the cat has calmed down? Naturally, or did you feed it a kitty-sized dose of Valium?

  2. Tranquilisers should be compulsory for children 6 and under!

    Hopefully Sunday will be more invigorating.

  3. Mr Scribs - The cat has mood swings like any of us, I think we're just still getting use to each other.

    Lerm - See somebody else who agrees, it's not just me.

  4. Well, relax, have a beer, and find some sports. One of the sports networks here actually showed Liverpool v. Manchester City last week!

  5. Both teams I despise myself, I would rather watch the craft channel or the Chicago Bears! It's cup final day today for my team and as I have not got pay sports here I am presently watching it on the net in what i think is Spanish!

  6. I've done that, but shoved the basket aside and asked them to watch it till I got back with my money. Your way is better.

  7. Dang! I have done that at the grocery store as well, but it's usually when I have given my debit card to Bill.
    On weekends that I have off, I ban the TV from the front room. Em has to go to her room and read or face more chores. Works like a charm!

  8. fin - they wouldn't even contemplate that here!

    kate - We have done that as well I usually have Mrs Stu's card and she phones me annoyed when she is at the shops and I have not given her the card back!