Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Here there and everywhere

I never realised on my blog that I had the word verification button turned on! I would go to other blogs and see this silly verification thing and curse it every time I typed something in wrong, not realising that I had it turned on myself....duh! Anyway it is now off so hopefully there will be no further problems with posts. It must of all been linked to google mail going down, me thinks!

G, my daughter has now started up another after school activity she wants to do so now this is her list for this week:-

Monday - Brownies (started this week)
Tuesday - Karate
Wednesday - Swimming
Thursday - Gymnastics Training
Friday - Gymnastics Evening Extravaganza
Saturday - Gymnastics Training (morning), Gymnastics Evening Extravaganza (evening)

I got tired just writing that list, we have not pushed her into anything and have just let her go with the flow and she seems to like everything except the swimming which she wants to stop, but that is the only one we really want her to do. She can swim a fair distance now so at the end of the school year we may stop that one to give her some time to rest.

Then when H, gets up to age it all starts up again we may have to employ people to chauffeur them to all the events they want to do and now Mrs Stu has started karate as well twice a week and me....I'm the unpaid dogsbody around here!


  1. Your life sounds a lot like mine..:)

  2. you mean, here there and everywhere!

  3. Imagine the cost and the fuel bill that just goes up and up, I pity those who have lots of kids.

  4. Yeah, word verification is set by default on new blogs – you wouldn’t be the first to be unaware that you’d got it set.

    As for G, don’t worry, her streak of enthusiasm should run out in the next ten years or so.

  5. Hey, at least you get brownies on Monday. Oh, you mean the youth organisation, bugger.

  6. I don't remember my parents getting me involved in so many activites when I was that age.

    Which of course why the_weapon is doing almost as much after school activites as your little one.

    Wonder if they will look back when they are older and decide they aren't going to make their kids do all this stuff.

  7. I'd recommend breaking her legs mid-term - just to get some free time back!

  8. I'm like Barnesy-I also don't remember being in that many activities as a kid-but I lived in a small town so there simply weren't as many organized activities to be in.

    Good not to push them into anything though-not sure it's always a good thing. In addition, the parents run the risk of becoming 'little league parents' (so into their kid's activities that they become annoying). Let them do what they like or are good at!

  9. Sometimes I think I'm more a Taxi then anything else to my girls. Activities galore, between them both and my main duty is to get everyone to the appointed spot on time. The good news is, I get a lot of reading and writing done while I'm waiting around~

  10. Simon - I was going for kind of five if I was honest!

    Nautilus - Now the food option would of been easier than the travelling!

    Barnesm - Do you think we are sending them to these clubs because we never got the opportunity to as kids?

    lermontov - hmmmmm now there is a thought and I could get her insured before hand as well, so while she is in hospital i could go on holiday!

    YD - We have suggested things for her and it has always been up to her if she wants to go or not.

    Rebecca - I usually have the boy to look after so there is no spare time while the other one is doing her thing so I get my workout chasing and playing with him as he is not old enough to do anything just yet.

  11. My eleven year old constantly amazes me with her school activity choices. They are always much better choices than I made at that age. Mine usually involved coping a cigarette butt at home, and sneaking behind the school for a smoke.

  12. Your childhood sounds more exciting than mine then as I never even got to do that!