Thursday, 5 February 2009

Next time gag the boy!

Must remember next time when I take my two year old son swimming to gag him. We had finished swimming and got showered  and the changing rooms were fairly full with most of the cubicles having people in them getting changed as you do. So I quickly wrapped him in a towel while I got dressed, I go to towel him down and as I am doing it he shouts out at the top of his voice as I am drying him "Stop touching my willy!". It is not really something you want your son to say these days as everything is taken out of context and it is so easy for someone to tag you something when you are not.

Next time I'll staple his lips together!


  1. Ohhhh......
    LOL the things our children say at the worst (and usually loudest)of times.
    Thats classic and future ammo to hold over his head~

  2. Oops! Yeah, that's not something you want everyone to hear.

    Oh yes, saw the news about the big snow in London the other day. Looked like Chicago, except we've got snowplows here. The kids looked to be having a good time, though.

  3. Oh my god. That’s one for the family diary. And unlike most childhood anecdotes, it’ll be something for him to enjoy telling people about in another 15–20 years.

  4. Rebecca Anne - Thanks for dropping by :-) Have all the pics to embarrass him as well

    YD - The whole country has had snow except a little place called Manchester, this week. Everybody elses stayed and ours just went!

    kimmy - I know :-)

    Simon - more like me telling people in the future!