Monday, 23 February 2009

A day at the seaside with pictures

An invaders view

The courtyard

Broken boats
A view from the top

A picof the bay from the castle walls

A boat on the beach

 Walking the walls to the castle loking out towards Wales.

The approach to the castle

The pics are a bit jumbled but you get the point of what they are about just a great day out with the kids and Mrs Stu!


  1. Awesome pics-and the word verification thing works again!

  2. Tried to leave a comment the other day. Awesome photos - the kids must have loved it. I wouldn't have fancied my chances as an invader

  3. Never realized I had word verification turned on!

  4. Love reading about the history behind these castles...

    But when I see photos of them, I cannot help but think of Monty Python's Holy Grail and those French knights.

  5. I went to that castle where they filmed the Holy Grail, up in Scotland last year for the first time, even rode my wooden horse there as

  6. I would LOVE to visit there! Looks like an awesome experience.

  7. It was great exploring the castle and trying to imagine what had once been there and who was there.

  8. Fantastic pix. I have only just realised that you can click on them and they get huge.

    I visited Poland and saw six or seven castles in various stages of disrepair. One or two had been reclaimed however and these remind me of those.

  9. If you said where this castle is, I missed it. You mentioned Wales in one caption. I visited a castle in Cardiff, but it was nowhere near as grand as this one.

  10. You know I never mentioned it, the castle is actually in Conwy, in North Wales.

    I never realised you could click on a pic and make it bigger thanks for the tip!