Monday, 30 March 2009

Under the thumb!

A most productive Sunday, what started out as a beautiful, day with the sun out all day and beautiful sunshine, ended with having to decorate the bathroom all day. I had bought the paints sometime ago as it had got to the time again that it needed a lick of paint, Mrs Stu decided that it was time to do it today as we had nothing else to do and we meaning 'me'! All day was spent cleaning everything out of there replacing the sealant around the bath, all the gloss work redone and all the walls repainted in a day as well as fitting new taps as well. 

I got lots of help as Mrs Stu found lots of places she had to go visit, take Little G to her friends and to leave The Terror, with me to help, until she picked him up later on to go to a friends house! Which was a lot of fun as he stood in the paint tray and walked it around the bathroom and managed to paint my head as well in 'Mint Crisp'. Where do they get these names for paint colours why can't it just be simple like pale green which is what it was, is there a committee that sits down and discusses it to see what ridiculous colour would appeal to women. It was actually great them being out as I could just have the ipod on loud as i painted....actually it was not so great i would rather of been in the garden with a beer and the ipod on!

The cat has found out he likes to chase flying things....

andwhen life gets to busy it's time to kick back and relax!


  1. Good productive day - well done! Mrs Stu is lucky to have you. I wish I had my own bathroom painter.

  2. we had the house painted two years ago. Living room, bathrooms and Jamie's bedroom, but we hired a guy. Now I'd like to change the colour, but don't trust Bill anymore. (he painted our bedroom but had some snafus around the door jamb, which hasn't been fixed in 18 months now)
    Maybe you should do that? lol

  3. Yes, sounds like a great color, very soothing.

    And thanks so much for the Toby pics..he is so adorable!

  4. Painting is one of the suckyest jobs in the whole home improvement gig.

    Funnily enough, I reckon demolition is the best job!

  5. Your cat, whats the name? Very intelligent.

  6. OI you lot, painting doesnt suck that bad. Cept when u near fall off a very tall building cause ya dont watch where ur going!!!! And the names for the colours, I wonder that as well.

    We dont have a junior terror to help, we have 'me' and I do enuff damage all on my ownsome.

    The end result is nearly always worth the hassle of the job I think. And if the Mrs is happy with ur job, then I am sure she would have rewarded u handsomely. lol

  7. You're right on the paint colors-there are colors like 'mint green', 'chocolate brown', and 'eggshell'. I'm not gonna eat the damn paint, just cover a wall with it.

    And of course you know how many colors of paint there are these days-

    126,721. If you're lucky you'll get to pore over every one of them as Mrs Stu decides what she wants on the walls!

  8. Mr Stu, want to visit? I've got purple (it's purple I tells ya!) walls that need a coat ;)

  9. Painting can be fun... for the first 15 minutes and then you're over it! The only really fun thing is choosing the colour.

  10. Louise - You can rent me out for the day i come cheap!

    bk - I love to do a good job when i can eventually get off my backside and sort it out that is!

    doanli - I will think of that next time i am sat in the throne!

    Lerm - You

    Faded Red - Actually the painting did have it's rewards come to think of I think this painting lark should be left to the professionals though!

    YD - She will probably go out and get all the tester pots as well for me to do them in first so she can see which go best together.

    bagarr - When we moved into this house the previous owner had a really deep red that took five coats to hide it away!

    kimmy - you are sad, I could pick a colour and be out in two minutes now Mrs Stu can spend 2 hours comparing shades.

  11. Naut - Wrecking things is great especially with a very big hammer, it must be in the male genes just to destroy things it comes to naturally.

    Rising from the Ashes - The cat is called Toby and he is very sneaky at what he does!