Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The cat is pure evil and a pic for Doanli!

The pic above is of a lovable, cute little cat or else this is the pose Toby, likes to give to his admiring public. This is not how I see him. At the moment we are fixed in a power battle to decide who is top dog....I mean cat...no I don't I mean dog.....no I don't, even I'm confused now..anyway there is a power struggle going on!

He is still locked inside the house until he has his last injection this week and then he will be let loose to wreck havoc in the neighbourhood with all the other cats, but how he will do it without any balls is anyones guess. Toby's latest thing to piss me off is to sneak in our bedroom when we are asleep, jump on top of the chest of draws at the side of the bed and to then wait! He waits until ther is movement under the duvet (doona!) usually my feet and then launches himself claws first onto my feet and after he has got the reaction, namely a pillow being thrown in his direction then he is off. I'll have the last laugh as I won't feed him. Saying that he is curled up in a ball at the side of me as I write this as cute as can be.

To prove Toby,  has another side to him I will leave you this picture to show you the dark side of him!

Just click on the picture to see the hate filled eyes!


  1. Did you turn on the current to that scratching post just before shooting the second picture? I see what looks like a fiber-wrapped power cord leading out of it....

    Wouldn't put it past you!

  2. This is the normal cat we have and what everybody tends to miss except me, he just loves killing that scratch post. He will run through two rooms to get up speed so he can attack it better.

  3. Don't you know, human?

    The world belongs to Toby and you exist to serve Toby.

    Gorgeous boy, love his markings! Thanks, Stu!

  4. He has serial killer eyes! I hope you kick the bejesus out of him when the missus is not around!

    Win the war - no cat should be top dog!

  5. Mr Stu I recommend a heavier pillow, the message is not getting through.

  6. You don't get it. You will never win, he will always think hes top cat (can you remember that cartoon?)
    Cats think that humans are here to serve them and do what they want.
    Brian still has power struggles with ours.

  7. bk - just like mine!

    lerm - he has taken a few flying lessons up to now without his wings on.....for all animal lovers he did his own stunts!

    YD - To true

    bangarrr - maybe a few lead weights may be an option

    bagpuss - one day I will be the dominant one in my own mind!

  8. He's still too cute! Don't listen to Lerm--he knows that most of his girlfriends, given the choice, would choose their cats, pets over him!!! Hahahaha

    Hope you post more Toby pics in the photo, Stu, I love the cat scratch post especially.

  9. o he is gorjus, just gorjus!!!!! i love catsssssssssssssssssssss I posted a pic of my lil girl on my site today.

  10. doanli - as soon as I get more pics then I will post, he gets to see the great outdoors this weekend!

    Faded - your cat looks grumpy....lol