Monday, 9 March 2009

kitchen garden

Well what was meant to be a day outside attacking the garden ended up being a day indoors mostly due to the weather. It started off nice with the blue skies lighting up the morning but that soon changed to showers and gale force winds all day. Not to be out done though we went to the garden centre and got various trays of flowers and decided to make up some hanging baskets on the kitchen table. In the end you would of thought a farmer had ploughed a fiend through there instead of two children putting together two baskets. Anyway fun was had by all and the cat got in on the job as well by taking a liking to the sweet peas and eating them as fast as the kids planted them. He eventually took a flying lesson of the table though to get rid of his help!


  1. As pets, cats make great dog food eh?

  2. Back in the day, I had a backyard garden which the cats (I had three then) just loved to help with! They would eat any stray veggie that bothered to pop up and, just to make things more fun, roll happily in those areas just fertilized/treated....

    I miss those days. Cats are fun to garden with!

  3. Lerm - and I wanted a dog as well, something big and scary a macho man dog not one of these carry around in your handbag ones!

    MrScrib - I have all the joys of that still to come yet!

  4. For some real fun try and get some catnip. If the cat gets into that have a camera ready.

    Mess? What mess? I bet the kids had a ball.

  5. It is getting on planting time, isn't it? It's too bad you don't live here. You could start getting a few flowerpots ready, get the garden plot rototilled, put in some tomatoes and peas and maybe some green peppers and onions, stand back and admire your handiwork, watch the seeds grow into little green shoots, full of promise and life, and then wake up one morning to find the rabbits and deer have grazed your garden down to nothing...

    Leave it to YD to smash the dream.

    Hope she grows good. Get some pics when the plants mature!

  6. I heard on the radio yesterday a guy say "my wife wouldn't let me get a motorbike, so I got a cat".

    WTF!!! Unless that cat was capable of killing an entire village then that guy was pathetic.

  7. You'll HAVE to post a pic of Toby, pretty please?

    My cats love to watch me garden though they haven't tried to eat anything yet, thank goodness!

  8. YD - You need a big dog to keep them all away from your garden!

    Naut - How does he kick start the cat in the morning then?

    Doanli - A pic on the way just for you :-)