Monday, 16 March 2009

Morning blues

It's nice being woken by your 2 year old with him calling out on a Sunday, morning "Daddy, I'm awake now, get me up" and then go into a rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I don't mind that sort of a wake up it's quite nice but when it starts at 2 a.m. then that's another problem! Inevitably he ended up in our bed, and why do children take up so much room, I end up sleeping on a very tiny strip right on the end of the bed, and then the cat makes an appearance and jumps in as well. It's going to be much easier in the future to wear ear plugs and sleep on the sofa downstairs for a better nnight sleep.

The cat had it's first taste of freedom this weekend and got to venture out into the big,bad world that we have out there. I have some pics to post to show him exploring once I get from my camera onto the computer. It was weird watching him out for the first time, going around sniffing everything and then when he got braver he started to climb and walk along the fence and jump on the shed, he vanished for 30 minutes at a time but still came back, so hopefully that will be a trend he follows. We are not all home again until Thursday now, so he is going to now go stir crazy until we let him out again then! Not sure if this is true but does anybody put butter on a cats paws the first time out?

Hope everybody has a great working week and if not the weekends almost here.

As for England's cricket results they would be better sending out an old age pensioners cricket team to take on the West Indies, as they would put more spirit into the fight!


  1. I don't know about the butter thing, but maybe giving kitty a treat when he comes home might give him some incentive.

  2. I have heard about the butter on the paws or something like it. Did you get the cat flap constructed?

  3. DD - the others in the family give him more than enough treats, he likes cheese though!

    doanli - the cat flap is bought, but not yet installed, it will get done at some point very soon.

  4. 2AM!!
    admittedly when the_weapon use to climb into our bed I would tend to move out to the couch becasue there would be no way I was getting back to sleep in that bed.

    Just think in a few years you'll have a teenager who you will have towake using explosives.

  5. My time for revenge will come in the future!

  6. Same scenario in our house. The, now five year old, and THREE CATS seem to end up in our bed... often. Our solution was to get a king size bed, which we thought would give us a bit more room. Somehow, I still end up almost on the floor since the little one AND the cats sleep at a 90 degree angle to my angle. There's no hope.

    I thought it was cottage cheese...not butter.

  7. Good show in the twenty-20!

    Bring on the Ashes!!!

  8. Lerm - the term go boil your head comes to mind!

    jadedj - are you at the bottom of the pecking order in your house as well, at least I am only behind one cat!

  9. I'm so glad the kids are older. That king sized bed should have been around 18 years ago.