Friday, 13 March 2009

Pass the pain killers!

At last the working week is over for me I thought it would never end, it just went on and on and on and on this week. I think it was just me really and I got bored so that just made it all the worse. Anyway the weekend is here and I have fun things to do like put in a cat flap for Toby, but I bet N0.2 child will try to see if he fits through it at some point to liven things up!

Made a bad decision the other night I went to a friends to watch the footie, as I no longer have the sports on mine and as the offer of a few beers were on the table as well, how could one refuse! It was a great night and the beer and then the whisky flowed all to easily. I knew I should not of done it on a work night as the next morning I suffered for it, getting up early. Every noise was a lot louder than it should of been, I couldn't even put my ipod on to listen to the music my head was throbbing that bad and the usual  30 minute walk to work took nearly 60 minutes. The famous last words were spoken "never again", but that was two days ago and the weekend is cheers hope everybody has a nice weekend.


  1. Everyone says never again, right up until the next time.
    It's not like you do it everynight so what is the problem?
    Please get pics if you get a child stuck in the cat flap. They will just love them, especailly when you bring them out for the 21st birthday party in years to come.

  2. It's funny you say that as we have a good collection of pics adding up now of both kids to use as ammunition in the future!

  3. Mr Stu, plenty of water before bed and fruit juice the next morning.

  4. Oh, Toby is going to love that cat flap, thanks for doing that for him, Human!

    Never say 'never', but I cannot remember the last time I really tied one on and paid for it the next day. But I'm talking about porcelain throne love and all of that good stuff. You really do eventually learn your lesson!

  5. Don't give into weakness - your liver is there to be punished. The Lord in his heaven wouldn't have given us whisky otherwise.

    I suggest nailing the cat to the flap. A bit of insulation - and it should be a warning to its mates!

  6. HOW YA FEELIN', STU!!!!

    Oh, am I yelling too loudly for you?

    Meh-it isn't like it's every night. Once in a while you gotta let loose-as long as you don't drive home afterwards.

  7. I know you're a guy, and might not grasp this, but I akin a hangover to having childbirth. You say, never, ever again........ever.....but remarkably your mind forgets or plays it down some until the next time and you find yourself remembering with full force the last time......
    Repeat, repeat.
    We are humans. We tend to downplay the bad~

  8. bangarrr - that is my usual trick but this time it got cancelled out

    doanli - two days later it's as if i never happened so I will be stupid enough to do it again, not for a long time though!

    lerm - I never thought of it that way and if you do kill it off you can always get another one!

    Mrs Stu may have a thing to say about the cat and nails!

    YD - Once in a blue moons I have a blow out these days, I just can't handle them any more.

    RA - You are so right, it is amazing how we tend to forget the bad things that come with the good things!

  9. Whisky - ouch. Yeah, spirits seem to cause the worst hangovers. Fried breakie for you!

  10. I couldn't even stomach breakfast the next stocked up on bananas later on though.