Sunday, 8 March 2009

Jumping and digging!

The weekend finally arrived this week to try and blow the boredon couds away that have been hovering around me all week. Little G, does gymnastics on a saturday morning so first thing it was up and out with the parent taxi to take her there. it has been great going to see her again as I have not been in quite a while as it is usually Mrs Stu he does that job on a Saturday, while I have the delight of Little H, who as a typical two year old does not know how to sit still and do nothing for 60 minutes!

After watching Little G, for a while I took Little H, to the idoor kids play area, this is one of those places inside a building that has all the slides and tunnels made out of scaffold poles and then covered in three inches of padding to prevent the little ones from smashing their skull open! Their was a young part for kids under 4 and the olderbit rather obvous for kids over four. Little H was way to big for the under 4 section so with my encouragement we explored the older section as they had bigger slides and things which are a lot more fun. When your playing chase though and trying to catch a little one who can squeeze through everything and beng 6'4" myself it is sometimes very difficult to catch him. We had a lot of fun though and that was the whole point of going.

With the weather getting better it means that it is getting time to do the garden once more, oh joy of joys how i love doing the gardening! Today is going to be spent getting plants for putting in the garden, which always look so nice in their pots in the garden centre, but it's like I have the garden hand of death the leaves just shrivel as soon as I touch them, plants come to our house to die, maybe this year a little TLC is in order!


  1. Good luck with the gardening - I have a similar affliction - they always die on me. Yet my mother keeps bring new ones around whenever I'm silly enough to give her dinner.

    Fatherhood sounds like hard work.

    No doubt you are up to date in Australia's demolition of the number two ranked team in the world. Now is probably the right time to get H in the nets for a future Ashes assault

  2. I have taken my own gardening to a new level this weekend by digging a trench through the backyard. That's my kind of gardening!

  3. Lerm - It's not luck I need it's a holster for the beer bottle while doing it to take my mind of the tedious job.

    Yep, been watching the cricket, I hate seeing a happy Aussie! Mrs Stu wants H to bat for the Aussies when he is older, "over my dead body" I said, Mrs Stu's answer, get the insurance policy in place and that can be arranged! Little H is actually called 'Hayden Freddie' after two cricketers, you can tell who won that battle of names as well!

    Naut - You digging a moat to keep out the mob?

  4. Cactus, take a lot to kill. Maybe you should look into them.

    As for the cricket, it's just a game, guys.

  5. Haha. Luckily I just had two relatively docile nieces to look after. Putting them in front of the TV or wandering round the garden with them was generally enough!

  6. I'm going to enjoy some gardening fun today, looking forward to it. :)

  7. Every year I want to add more stuff to the yard, but is it ever expensive! I hope this spring we can add another tree and more shrubs.
    If your plants live, post some pics!

  8. Yep, our house is the chamber of death for plants also. Funny thing is, what we plant outside in the Spring, usually takes off for the races all Summer...if we LEAVE them alone.

  9. I've actually got a garden now, the question is where do I get the water from?

  10. Yay - happy spring to you! And thanks for the Manchester tips. I'll probably go for the best price in that case :)

  11. DD - I have been known to kill cactus as well, it took a few years but I did it in the end!

    Simon - Keeping things simple is my ideal world.

    Doanli - Hope your gardening went better than mine.

    bk - If the plants survive I will post some for you, I moan a lot and it is only a small garden I would hate to have something big to look after that took all my time.

    Jadedj - I have a big battle with the local cats who usually shit all over my hard work, they have no respect, so nothing gets to grow and then the slugs come and that is a whole new story!

    bangarrr - Plastic flowers may be the option, think of the time saving!

    kimmy - Glad i could help.