Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Washing and ranting!

Well the washing machine situation has been resolved we finally went out and bought a new one, oh no that's wrong Mrs Stu finally went out and buy one. I wanted to throw everything in the bath, fill it up with water, add some liquid and then stamp on it all using my feet until either clean or destroyed!

It was so difficult to buy one they were all so alike and basically did the same thing so I thought, until you start reading into all the special things each one could do. There was one model that had a program for washing trainers, that one amazed me as I just use the same setting for everything I was and up to now there has been no problems. So in the end we ended up with a 7KG front loader and it is superb and all so quite even on the fastest spin.Mrs Stu has now washed everything in the house twice to make sure it cleans better than the last one!

It has been pretty quite here recently as you can see from the postings as we have not really been up to anything at all besides getting things ready for Australia, so remembered have not got the visas yet...yipes better get that sorted pretty quick on the internet.

Work pissed me off these past few days it's not very often I get angry, but when I do you wouldn't like me! There was a project we were all involved in last year and it went so well we were put into the companies annual awards that is taking place in a swanky hotel in the city centre for employees and partners. Now there was some long hours worked to get the project ready and out. It now turns out that the people who did all the physical work and worked the hours to set everything up have been over looked and have not had an invite, while everybody else got one so three of us out of a team of seven will be at home Saturday night while everybody else will be out on a free nigh out with booze included! It seems everybody has known weeks, even the boss and when questioned he said there is nothing he can do!!!!!

I can see a work to rule staring now and pulling people out of the shit is something that won't happen again arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh going to go scream....and read blogs!


  1. That's really unfair - always the ones who actually do the work that get screwed. I hope you and Mrs Stu enjoys your new washing machine.

  2. That's a bunch of crap. But somehow typical. I reckon I'd get the other team members together and go out for a cheap Italian meal and a bottle of red. Staying home and stewing over it would just piss everyone off.

  3. I don't know if my wife will buy it, but I am for sure trying the bath idea. Good thinking Stu!

    As to the office celebration...fuck em. I'm with Yobbo, only make it several reds.

  4. Doc's got a good idea there. Me I'd be speaking to the boss.

  5. lou - Mrs Stu loves her washing machine so much she times it to finish when I'm getting up so i can hag the clothes out!

    Dr Y - It is typical considering it's our place, come weekend I may have calmed down a little, but when they want those late deadlines meeting, I will always have something else on!

    jadedj - give the bath thing a go it may be fun and i will have that drink

    bangarrr - the boss sticks his head in the ground and as long as he has an invite it's basically stuff anybody else!

  6. I'm with the crowd that says get together with the coworkers and celebrate on your own. It'll cost more but you'll have a better time.

    Glad to see you've a new washer! Now get to doing all that laundry that piled up!

  7. Its always the way though, the hardest workers get the least amount of acknowledgement. It gives me the willies.

  8. I would rant too. They may find it difficult to get people to put in the same amount of work next time - very short sighted.

  9. My good friend wrote a grant which was accepted and resulted in a lot of money for where she works. Her boss took the credit and when there were follow up meetings on the issue, my friend was not even invited.

    I explained to her that this is the way of the world. Always has been and though it stinks, it is reality.