Sunday, 7 June 2009

Doesn't a week fly by when you are having fun camping in the great outdoors. The kids had two weeks break this end of term and as every other school has only one we decided to go on holiday when all the others were back. So off we went to a place about 30 minutes drive from Nottingham.

It was a beautiful first few days and we had the camp site almost to ourselves with the temperature getting up to a mighty 27C driving down there so it was a bit unbearable in the car and going up and down the hills made Mrs Stu a bit sick, so she did most of the driving which was a bonus for me as I could look out at the scenery around us as we drove there, through picturesque countryside and little villages.

The tent was pitched in a perfect spot with the trees acting as shade for most of the day from the sun which made it ideal, the only downside of the pitch being it was so far from the showers and toilets. I think they put us there due to The Terror's reputation going before him of being to noisy!

We actually never did very much during the stay and just basically did nothing due to the rushing around every other day, the only day that was a bit off putting when we had to drive the sixty miles back home to Mrs Stu's dentist as she had recently had some dental work done on a tooth and it decided to flare up again so she had to get that sorted!

We had one day put to the Heights of Abraham, above the town of Matlock Bath, a 30 minute stay from where we stayed. You got to it by a ride on a cable car which was a fantastic kids for the kids.

From here you could see the town of Matlock Bath below.

Another picture from the hill across the valley shows a castle built by John Smedley, in 1862 and although now in ruins it makes a great site when viewed from below.

The Heights of Abraham are mainly full of cavers to explore, being mined since Roam times for lead but are now just a big money spinner as a tourist attraction.

Some very old graffiti they found in the caves and it was researched to find it belonged in old Parish records to the miners who worked down there.

All in all a great few days away, despite the rain on the last day when a waterfall opened up above us while we packed the tent away!


  1. What a beautiful spot!
    Hope Mrs. Stu didn't have to endure much at the dentist.

  2. We did the Heights of Abraham last Easter. Very interesting and daughter loved it. I wasn't so keep on the cable car though! (Did you see my post on Friday?)

  3. Looks a good trip! Weather held out for the most part which has to be an all-time record. Did you have to sign some sort of pact with the devil to get that sorted out?

  4. Sounds like a great week away. The scenery is beautiful.

  5. Very envious, as we have nothing even remotely as beautiful as this, near us. I'm sure it was tough going back home however.

  6. Some great pictures, Stu. Lovely countryside there.

    A bit of our local history: The southwestern part of Wisconsin and extreme NW Illinois used to have extensive deposits of lead; consequently there were a lot of Welsh and English miners settled here in the early 1800s. The part of England you camped at looks like around here-I reckon it was a lot like their old home.

    Long ramble-sorry.

  7. Lovely shots Mr Stu, glad you had a good holiday.

  8. Kate - A 4 hour round trip to remedy what had been put in wrong but if your in pain you just need to get it sorted.

    Working Mum - Heights of Abraham was great for us all, I will go and check out your post :-)

    Dr. Yobbo - Four days without rain can't be to bad in this country although I think there was a stage back in the time of the dinosaurs when it went to five days!

    Lou - It was just chilled.

    jadedj - after sleeping on the floor of a tent for a week and putting the tent down in a heavy downpour it was kind of good to get home again.

    YD - I love long rambles and getting some history of other parts of the world, thanks for sharing.

    bangarrr - The break was a good one.

    Naut - Fresh air and no work and it is always good and a outdoor cooking you can't beat it.

  9. Looks like a great time was had by all! (Including Toby?) :p