Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hi de hi

Another day another pound for the tax man, when will they leave me alone so I can have some fun with my money besides it going towards their expenses!

Another beautiful day here today although once more work is in a steel box so I don't see it all day. I need a ball like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, so my day goes faster sometimes. It doesn't help this week that somebody has called in sick and I am having to cover for him as well while he is away so I am running around like a headless chicken this week trying to get all the jobs done and out. Just hope he has not passed anything onto me as he has not moved from the toilet in the past few days.

Mrs Stu has decided to enter a karate tournament this weekend with Little G. It is nothing to serious just an inter club thing. It is an all day event with all the competitions so I have to find something for The Terror and myself to do, as trying to keep him happy where the tournament is taking place is not an option. I'll have to hope it's nice this weekend so I can get on with some gardening I need to catch up on.

The Twenty Twenty cricket is not going well for us at the moment the South Africans are knocking us to pieces as I speak, wickets falling all over the place....yikes!


  1. Yeah they do that, the Saffers. They're a bit good.

    Sounds more like you need a motorbike like McQueen in order to jump the nearest fence Evel Knievel style and get the hell out of there!

  2. We're getting all kinds of swine flu warnings at the moment. And the sniffles and coughing has started. It's a common thing for people to come in from their deathbeds and work, so I think I'm going to end up sick this year.

  3. I am just waiting for Wonder kid's school to annouce it is closing for the required week. That place is a hot bed for any going bug or virus in the area. The school even sent out a letter giving us parents the run down on what would be happening. Nothing like a bit of optimism, is there?

  4. Watching little kids do martial arts is kind of cool. Most of them are fairly adept.

    I'll trade your cricket for my baseball. The Cubs can't hit. They're losing games 2-1, 3-2, etc. When the hitting comes around, then the pitching will probably go south. Then they'll lose 10-9, 8-6, etc.

    The Great Escape! A long time since I've seen that! Let's whistle the theme-altogether now!

  5. I'm going to work tomorrow, but on Sunday I'll be bbqing under my new gazebo.
    Have a good weekend, and good luck to Mrs. Stu and Little G in the tournament!