Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Let's start again

Well it's been a long time away in the darkness but now I am back I don't know for how long we shall have to see. I had decided to start posting back on the now dead JournalSpace,( I bet nobody get their money back from the site admins for their accounts when it crashed either!) but that was not to be and the new layout is just to hard to get to grips with, so I tracked most people down to Blogger so here I am to start affresh, writing more of my dribble!

Life has been good up to now in this world economic downturn, just hoping to keep my head down and avoid the dreaded redundancy plague that is gripping the planet at the moment. Work is still pretty busy but, hey who knows.

Well just a quick post at least I am now off and running again, just now have to track everybody else down on here.


  1. Nice to see you back mate! If you’re like me, it won’t be so much the frequency of updates as the ability to stay in touch with old friends that’s important. Anyway, good luck.

  2. Yeah, this economy's a mess, isn't it? Good luck!

    Got a pick for the Super Bowl (Steelers v. Cardinals)? Your guys left a bit early. Mine didn't show up for the playoffs. The Australians like the Cards because there's a former AFL player on the squad.

  3. Simon - That's it I have been away such a long time, but it is great to catch up with all the old faces on here. It is like a big family.

    YD - Well if the Aussies are going for the Cardinals then I am going the exact opposite and going for the Steelers. To be honest I have not followed it as much this season after the Giants blew up after their great start.

  4. Welcome back Mr Stu.

  5. Nice to see you here, and sorry to hear that the economic situation there is as bad as here.